My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)




It’s ALL of the worst, isn’t it?

I mean, sure. Most things in life are worth the wait, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Take for example the following:

Waiting in traffic: Sucks.

Waiting for the  next book in your favorite series to come out: Super sucks.

Waiting to open your Christmas presents (as they mockingly stare at you from under the ornately decorated tree in your living room) until it’s actually Christmas: SOOOOO hard.

Waiting for freshly-baked chocolate-chips to come out of the oven: Difficult.

Waiting for said freshly-baled cookies to come out of the over AND cool down enough so that you don’t burn the insides of your mouth off when you take a bite cram the whole darn delicious thing in your mouth: THE MOST DIFFICULT!

Waiting to hear back from a possible new employer on whether or not they would like to offer you the position you just interviewed like a BOSS for: Sheer. Torture. TORTURE, I TELL YOU!



It’s ALL of the worst, isn’t it?

They say that patience is a virtue. And I’m sure it is. A lovely one, in fact.

But it’s also something that I do not have a great deal of.

Yeah…I maybe, possibly, potentially, perhaps need to work on that.

But until then, I think I am going to just sit hear and wait impatiently, cramming way too hot chocolate-chip cookies into my mouth.



Comments on: "“All I do is [wait, wait, wait] no matter what…”" (4)

  1. Waiting is the worst! Especially to hear back from a job! I feel your pain. Did they give a you a time frame?

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