My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


High-fives are good.

But high-tens ARE GREAT!

Picture it– jaw dropping in slow-motion silence, eyebrows furrowing in mock-angry rage, head slowly wagging side to side, both hands lifting high up top, waiting a brief moment for your friend to deliver a booming double palm-on-palm SMACK!

Now that’s a beautiful picture, my friends.

That’s the happy dial turned to a 10.

That’s a good day giving birth to a great one.

That’s a photo from Appendix A of The Study of the Best Things Ever.

Lady, I don’t know who you are, where you live, or what you’re all about, but I know that you gotta love that beautifully loud high-ten and its satisfying twenty-finger crack.

Like I said, the high-five is good, too. But really, almost anyone can deliver a decent high-five. It’s just one hand! Once you start tenning, the five starts to look wrong, incomplete and unfinished. It becomes a half, a partial, a sort of, like a flop with no flip, yang with no yin, pong with no ping or a unicycle.

But the high-ten!

Sugar, let’s talk about that high-ten. Now that is THE celebratory hand-on-hand gesture for you and me. See, the high-ten takes guts for two big reasons:

1. First off, higher chance of looking stupid. You throw a big five up there and if no one answers it, hakuna matata. You just put your hand nonchalantly back in your pocket, scratch your head or smooth is through the side of your hair, Fonzie-style. No one notices you covered it up and is peachy. But you throw a high-ten up there and you get left hanging? Well now you just look silly–like you’re trying to get the wave started at your favorite team’s baseball game or are just airing out your pits.

2. Also, there’s more coordination required. Think about it: during high-fives, all eyes are on that one hand. With four eyes focused on one slap, there’s not much that can go wrong. Yes, there’s the awkward pinky-on-pinky slap, but those really don’t happen all that often. Now, the high-ten’s a whole other animal. This time, each person has to focus on two slaps. Tim them right, aim them precisely, and smack them hard. You can’t just high-ten perfectly the first time. It’s very difficult and may require hours and hours or practice.

However, the good news is that once you work up the nerve to actually pull off the high-ten, it will be the most rewarding hand slap you’ve ever hand slapped. So go on. Give it a shot. test it out. See what it’s all about.

And hey, maybe even try laying a thundering double palm-on-palm SMACK on one of your closet friends…today!!


Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you and give you all epic high-tens for all of your sweet comments and prayers sent my way last week. You are really are the bee’s knees. My sister’s surgery went well and she is almost back to her old self again, albeit a little sore. It’s amazing how even a little surgery can take it out of you, but also how quickly you heal. The human body is an incredible thing!

Also, my interview yesterday went AHHHHMAZING! They loved my program idea and I really seemed to hit it off with the library team and director. They were going to let the final candidates know the final decision by the end of the week (fingers and toes and eyes crossed). No matter what, I know I put my best foot forward and gave it my all. No matter what the outcome, I should be pretty darn proud of myself (BUT I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HOPE I GET IT!!)

Have an AWESOME day, everybody!


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