My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

1. THISSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday in Denver we had some really, REALLY, bad storms. There were a reported 8 tornados spotted, one of which was right. above. my. office. building! A co-worker of mine was driving back from lunch when he was able to snap this incredible picture of the menacing funnel cloud directly above out heads. Thankfully it didn’t do any damage and no one was hurt, but yikes-a-bee! The whole office building had to take shelter for a good hour and all I can say is thank golly I wasn’t near any windows because I am pretty sure that if I saw this, I would have had a serious Depends moment (if you know what I’m mean). Or would have fainted. Or perhaps had a mini-heart attach. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I am terrified of tornados.


2. I literally have no other thoughts on this Thursday because I am still trying to fully process that there was a GIANT FRICKING TORNADO ABOVE MY HEAD YESTERDAY!!!!

Have I mentioned I am terrified of tornados?


We’re supposed to get more bad storms tonight right on through to this weekend.

I’m just going to hope and pray that the weathdudes  who are so often completely batty in their predictions, are once again, way WAY off.


Question of the day: Tornado? Thoughts? Have you ever been in or seen one up close and personal-style?





Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (2)

  1. I grew up in the midwest, Ohio and Michigan. I hated tornados, one went right by our house. And we used to have drills, going into the hall and covering our heads. Not that it would have helped!

    • Oh my goodness I know! I’ve been in two tornados (luckily they didn’t do too much damage or cause serious injury) but they were terrifying! Places like Oklahoma and Nebraska are great, but you couldn’t pay me enough to live there! Eek!

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