My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

One of my best friends and I have this hypothetical game that we like to play from time to time.

Basically, we name off random things and ponder with a deep consternation, how much we would really pay for such a crazy, hair-brained but awesomely awesome idea.

Case-and-point: Our convo last night.

It all began when I expressed to her my intense desire for delivery ice cream (million dollar idea, no?!?! Someone needs to get on that ASAP!) I was walking sulking around my kitchen looking for something to nosh on, deeply saddened that I had polished off the last of my Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough  just the other night. Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is one of my major food groups and when I do not have direct access to a supply of the cold and creamy goodness, I tend to get a bit hangry.

Anyhoo, I was talking to my friend, wallowing in my misfortune when I said to her, “You know what should be a thing? Delivery ice cream!”

This ended up being the catalyst for a brief edition of, say with it with me folks….”How Much Would You Pay?”

Below are just some of the questions we heavily debated along with my answers:

How much would you pay…for delivery ice cream? $30-$40 easy. Have I mentioned I like ice cream? And when you gotta have ice cream, you gotta have ice cream. Yes, it may be a slightly steep price to pay, but just hear me out. You’re sitting on the couch, deeply engrossed in some Netflix or a book when all of a sudden, your stomach starts yelling, nay, growling at you. It’s 10 o’clock at night, snowing/raining/dark out, you’re in your Sponge Bob pj’s, you’re fresh out of Rocky Road and there’s no way you’re leaving the comforts of your home to go forage for some ‘cream. You simply call the ice cream delivery guy, place your order for a double scoop triple scoop of Cookies N’ Cream, and in just 15 minutes (or it’s free), you have a nice, cold, creamy and delicious bowl of amazingness on your lap and in your mouth. TOTALLY worth the $30, am I right?!


How much would you pay…to be able to hear/decipher your dog’s thoughts? $800-$900. This may sound weird, but I have always wanted to know what my dog Thunder was thinking when he cocks his sweet head at me in that way, giving me a wink and a smile. What’s sick is that I probably would end up paying more than that and his thoughts would be, “FOOD!!!”, “Car ride?!”, “MOMIREALLYGOTTAPEE!!!”, and “You smelt it, you dealt it sista.”

How much would you pay…to throw out the first pitch at a Brewer’s home game? Um…an arm and a leg and possibly my right eye. This might get tricky because I throw with my right arm but practically do everything else with my left. Seriously though. how amazing would that be (not the losing the arm, the leg and possibly the right eye part of course, but the throwing out the first pitch part)?!?! There are some experiences that you simply cannot put a price tag on. This my friends, is one of the things.

“How much would you pay?” is a fun game because most of the things brought up will never, ever, never happen; you’re basically playing with Monopoly money, wishing and hoping and dreaming that one day, you will live in a nation where your four little children will be able to eat Chunky Monkey at all hours of the day, have intense political conversations with their four-legged friends (and when I say political, I mean conversation about bacon and butt-sniffing) and can play catch with Lucroy and Gomez before a double-header against the Cardinals.

The question is…how much would you pay?



Comments on: "How Much Would You Pay…" (1)

  1. If I had the money – I’d pay… 🙂

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