My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

This ancient and mystical mode of transportation deserves big ups for big reasons. Because anyone who is anyone knows that piggy-backing makes you happy in so very many ways.imagesCAD5OGQA

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Give yourself a break. Piggy-backing about town is a relaxing way to get around. You just focus on holding on and not strangling the piggy-backer and you’re golden. It’s quite relaxing, really.

2. See the world. Piggy-backing is all about extra visibility and fresh perspectives. Sitting up high piggy-style is good for the back row of a crowded concert or for a kid trying to get a better view of the fireworks show. Yes, piggy-backing shoots you up where the air is thin, the world is small, and the bald spots swim around you like shiny coins at the bottom of a water fountain. The world is new again.

3. You’ve been shot by cupid. Yes, according to ads for online dating, jeans, or wedding rings, there aren’t many things that scream true love more than piggy-back rides. I mean, it does make sense if you think about it. Giving someone a piggy-back ride is a tough slog and not the kind of transportation perk you’d casually offer to a first date or office co-worker. Therefore, if you’re piggy-backing, you’re in love my friend.

4. You just got married in South Korea. Believe it, because according to our egghead pals at Wikipedia, after a South Korean wedding, the groom often gives a piggy-back ride to his mother and then the bride, symbolizing his acceptance of his obligations to both. This tradition was possibly invented by banquet halls tired of sweeping up rice and confetti at two in the morning. But either way, congrats on just getting married in South Korea!

So let’s get down with the carry-around.

Jumping on someone’s back and being lugged around town is a pretty sweet deal. If you’re lucky enough to score a piggy-lift somewhere, I say wear a big smile, try and return the favor next time, and most importantly, don’t forget to thank your little piggy!



Comments on: "Life’s Little Awesomes: Piggy Back Rides" (2)

  1. Sounds like an awesome experience that most guys are missing out on. My girlfriend never offers to give me a piggy back ride despite all of the times I’ve lugged her around (happily of course). If only I had fallen in love with a taller/stronger woman!

    • Haha you, sir, make a very valid and sad point. It is kinda one-sided, isn’t it? But for the record, I happen to be an abnormally tall and strong girl. It’s both a blessing and a curse 😉

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