My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Can you spot the fake?Tulips

While flipping through magazines sitting casually at a restaurant table or while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist (oh who I am kidding. I haven’t gone to the dentist in years! Just don’t tell my dentist), I’ll mindlessly start staring at the beautiful flower bouquet before me and start wondering if they’re real.

I almost always think they’re fake at first, but them my eyebrows furrow and I stare in deeper looking for a clue, any clue that leads to the discovery that maybe, just maybe, these bad boys are real.

What’s that? A torn leaf in the back?

Wait a minute, did I just spot dirt outside of the vase?

My eyes widen as I lean in to rub a leaf or two, touch a petal, or take a big sniff.

Sure, it’s risky business going in for that inspection because if you find out it’s fake, then you totally just got duped by a fake flower factory.

But that’s what makes it so sweet wen Detective Petals comes up with a winner, winner real flower dinner! You lean back satisfied and stare sweetly at the bouquet as everything is now coming up roses.



Comments on: "Life’s Little Awesomes: When Those Fake Flowers Turn Out to Be Real" (2)

  1. I can’t wait until the flowers return. Another blizzard tomorrow, so the flowers will continue to hide. Ugh!

  2. Ha, I can never tell unless I touch them. I’m blind or really bad at botany.

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