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The People I Find: Caley

My dearest friend, survivor, and all-around kick-ass girl Caley has inspired me, and so many others, who have felt hopeless, weak, and lost in the fight against an eating disorder. In this, the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I wanted to share with you her story to show you, or anyone you know who is going through these struggles that you are not alone, that you are stronger than you think, and that it is possible to kick your ED to the curb, once and for good. I am so very lucky to have known Caley, and to experience her joy and smile, her absolute love of life and everything in it. It is my hope that this blog, Caley’s story, and my own will only serve as a source of strength and support for every reader out there.

Mrs Bird's Words

This girl is one of my favorites. She is someone who has touched my heart more than words can express. Her name is Caley, she is a survivor. Her story is one of sadness and triumph. She has overcome every obstacle placed in front of her. I have known Caley since I was little. We grew up together, she was younger, but I always looked up to her. There isn’t anything that scares this girl, and she has been through a lot. I love this girl, and will always look up to her! Last December I wrote a blog on her act of kindness that made me feel needed, you can read her act of kindness here. I have never met someone who is so loving and willing to help.

Caley Eating DisorderHere is Caley’s Story:

The past can only define you if you allow it. There are parts of mine…

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