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13 Things I Learned in 2013


Happy New Years eve eve everybody!

It’s so hard to believe, but this year is already coming to a close. I’m going to sound a bit like my grandma here, but each year really does go by faster than the previous one. It seems like just yesterday that I was ringing in 2013 watching the ball drop with some of my nearest and dearest by my side, raising a glass to the past and a cheers to the future.

On the precipice of each new year, I always like to take a second and reflect on what this year has brought–the things I got to experience, the people I got to meet, the fun I had, and of course the lessons I learned along the way.

This year was a Chex Mix bag full of mostly good, great, and exciting times, with a handful of trying, hard, and stressful times thrown in. I made some new friends, I looked fear in the face on more than one occasion, and I fell on my bum, literally and figuratively. I went on some pretty incredible trips, I lived the young librarian dream as an intern at the Milwaukee Public Library, and even jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

I also lost someone very close to me this past April, and dealt with some very difficult family issues. But, as the year is coming to a close, I’m so very grateful that everyone is doing well; that they are healthy, strong, and happy.  It’s true what they say: trying times really bring people together. I learned how important it is to take advantage of every moment, each and every single moment, you have with people. Relish each laugh, cherish each hug, and let the ones you love know how much you mean to them as often as you can.

I also learned these 13 things:

1.  I truly have the best friends and family in the world Universe. I am one lucky gal. The never-ending smiles, belly laughs, overwhelming support and unyielding love that I receive from them on a daily basis is truly indescribable.

2. You should say YES to new things, even if they may seem terrifying at first. I used to be afraid to take chances, to step out of my comfort zone and “just do it” but I have learned, more heavily this year than any other, that the only things I should be afraid of are the missed opportunities, the experiences I will never be apart of if I allow fear to hold me back.

3. There are at least 33 things that make me incredibly happy. Some of these things include but are not limited to pandas, peanut butter anything, and videos of pandas eating peanut butter anything.

4. It’s okay to put yourself out there. When it comes to the dating front, I am not necessarily an expert. In fact, I could probably write a book on the many, many terrible, no good, rotten, and often hilariously funny first (and second) dates that I have had within the last year alone. But one thing that I have learned is that it’s okay to out yourself out there, to do the hair flip thing, smile, walk up to that cute guy by the bar (or in my case, the book shelf at Barnes & Noble) and say hi. Don’t give up because you may have had a few bad seeds. Like my dad always told me, “there are plenty of bass in the lake. Sometimes you just have to cast a few lines before you get a keeper.”

5. I have THE best dog. Like, ever. ‘Nuff said.

6. J.K Rowling should totally hire me pronto. I have, like, SO many ideas for the next HP book(s) and they’re 110% perfectly flawless in every way. Get at me, girl. Let’s DO THIS! Let’s give me the world what they so desperately need and want!

7. Gas station hot dogs are never a good idea. Ever.

8. Prayer is powerful. It’s not something I’ve necessarily learned this year, but something that I think is very important, something that I always come back to. When I’m faced with challenges and obstacles, when I start to question things or start to feel lost in any way, I turn to Him. When I have reason to celebrate, when I feel blessed and happy beyond measure, I turn to Him. Taking moments out of each day to talk with the Lord has definitely given me strength and I encourage you to try it. The good thing about prayer is that He will never put you on hold or ask you to leave a message at the beep. He’s always willing and ready…if you are.

9. The Brewers ARE going to the World Series in 2014. Don’t ask me how I know this, but I do.

10. Achieving the whole bed-head chic look on purpose is almost nearly impossible. Unless of course you just happen to wake up looking fabulous with no where to go. Then. Then it happens. Of course.

11. I’m almost 27 but I still can rock a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks and color a wicked Hello Kitty activity book like no body’s business.

12. I thought I could get into the whole kale craze that took over this year. Nope. Just nope. But hey, feel free to give me a cronut any day of the week.

13. Apparently my car windows are NOT tinted as dark as I previously thought. I really wish I would’ve know that before I proceeded to do a full-on hip-popping, booty-shaking Beyonce-inspired rendition of “All the Single Ladies” in the parking lot at work.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2013.

Hopefully you had a lot of fun, met some great people, faced some fears, overcame some challenges, learned some things…and did not eat any hot dogs from your local Quickie Mart.

Here’s to an even better 2014, friends!


Comments on: "13 Things I Learned in 2013" (8)

  1. That is awesome, I’ve gotten better at approaching the shelves at Barnes and Noble too.. not because there is a woman standing there, but you know, but as in openly approaching the teen fiction section. It’s gotten a lot better. Like, seriously.

  2. The Brewers win the World Series? Good one!

  3. LOL on #9. I see you are a true & hopeful fan! 🙂
    Did you know that they will be playing in Boston in April?

  4. Wow, I have the exact same feeling about the Harry Potter series! I really think we could write the next instalment. I have just started a new blog, I would love if you could have a look, subtlety is not my forte! and also I am on a blog promotion spree……

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