My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

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Love, true love, is finding that special someone who is not afraid to break out the running man at any given moment with you.

It’s finding someone who randomly quotes Seinfeld, plays a mean air guitar, reenacts the “I’m the king of the World” scene from Titanic whenever they are on the bow of a boat, and eats their M&M’s by color.

It’s finding someone who turns the sound down in their car when it’s dark out and they’re looking for a house — as if that’ll somehow improve their vision.

It’s finding someone who remembers something funny from two years ago and then begins laughing hysterically. Then, when they’re trying to make themselves stop laughing, they just end up laughing more.

It’s finding someone who thinks of a great comeback about four hours too late, says (or thinks) “Wed-nes-day” phonetically to help them spell it, thinks that drinking anything without a crazy straw is just, well, crazy, and who would rather spend time rock climbing or movie watching or board-game playing or adventure-seeking with you than going out to some fancy, shmancy club. But, if they were to go out to said fancy shmancy club, they would certainly be able to rock the top hats off of these babies.

Love, true love, is finding that special someone who is weirdly as weird as you.

And it’s finding that special someone who weirdly accepts that you’re as weirdly as weird as them.

Because the truth is, we’re all a little weird.

But when we do find that special someone who is the crazy to our straw, we better hold on tight my friends because, that?

That is true love.




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  1. I’m not weird! 😛

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