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Friday Fav’s

Hey guys!

Woo–this week has been a doozy!

And I have a feeling each week after this leading up to the holidays will just keep getting doozier (Okay. So that technically may not be a word. Yet. But trust me guys, if “twerk” and “selfie” can become mainstream figments of our language, and not only that, but awarded words of the year, anything is possible.)

Usually I am pretty on top of things, but this year I am lagging behind something fierce. Sometimes I feel a lot like that rhino from Jumanji…

Ack. I just have still SO much to do before Christmas gets here; shop, decorate, bake eat cookies, find a cute holiday dress, get invited to a party to wear said cute holiday dress.


I guess I better get started, huh?

But before I do, I wanted to share with you some of my Friday Fav’s! Have a great weekend everybody! And for those of you who were or are being blasted by that wicked snow storm, you better be out building THE biggest snowman EVER! Or snowwoman. Or snowdog. In fact, I bet there is enough snow to build the whole cast of Modern Family. Now THAT would be cool. Pun intended 😉

Favorite treat: Sweet & Salty Candy Bar Blondies. The goo factor! I can’t even handle it!

Favorite LBD: Little Black Dress. Lace? Little? Check. Black? Check. Super cute way-above-my-price-range-yet-I-cannot-help-myself from-drooling-all-over-it’s-beautiful-lace dress? Check, check, check. Oh LuLu’s, you’ve done it to me again.dress

Favorite find: A candle…that smells like OLD BOOKS! YES I AM YELLING!!! How amazing is this?! I’ll take five, please!candle

Favorite jam: Lorde has been on replay hard lately. But can you blame me? Her voice is so unique and the lyrics to her songs are so relatable and very catchy. Check out her latest Team.

Favorite DIY: Sweet Potato Tator Tots. Homemade SPTT?! Must try!

Favorite feel-good story: The real fox and the hound. Such a heart-warming story. If only humans were this accepting of each

Favorite read: 15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years. No gimmicky “Cosmo” advice here – just real, practical ideas for keeping your marriage strong from a couple that just celebrated 15 years together.

Favorite four-legged friend: Dogs Who Don’t Know How to Pose for Pictures. I seriously laughed for 10 minutes at these pictures. Hilarious!


Favorite take-me-there: Old Quebec during Christmas. How truly magical!trip

Favorite workout: Killer Kardio. Can’t wait to try this out at home when it’s too cold to leave the house this winter. Or, let’s face it, when I’m too lazy to leave the house :)


Favorite indulge: 7 Layer Cookies a la Mode. Are you KIDDING me! I think one bite of this luscious, indulgent dessert would send me straight into a blissful sugar coma! I might need that workout after “working out” one three of these babies 🙂

Favorite quote. A. Men.


See past Friday Fav’s here! 🙂




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  1. Awesome favorites!
    I like how mixed in the excercise in there 😉

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