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Invest in Today

Happy Saturday, friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your weekend, and to your November! Good golly, has time sure flown by!

Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time, how we spend it, what we do with it, and how often times unfortunately, and perhaps without even knowing it, we waste it. Growing up, I remember wishing my days away. I would look to my parents and see their fabulous lives as adults; they got to drive, they didn’t have to go school or do homework and they could have ice cream for breakfast if they wanted to. In my eyes, being a grownup was where it was at!

On many an occasion, my parents, grandparents and teachers would all tell me to “enjoy it while it lasted” because “this time in my life wouldn’t last forever”. I never understood what they meant, or grasped the brevity of their statements. I was, after all, knee deep in the stresses of my teenage angst; school, work, bad hair days, deciding which table to eat at in the cafeteria, and curfews were all things I was ready to leave behind once I became an “adult”.

Looking back now, I realize that my parents, grandparents and teachers were right. Who would of thunk, right? I spent so much time and energy focusing on the tomorrows, that I missed out and took for granted all of my todays. I sometimes like to think of time in terms of money. It sounds a little funny, but trust me on this…

Imagine there is a bank account that credits you each morning with, say, $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every night, the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you didn’t use during that day. Would you spend everything, drawing out and making the most of every cent? Or would you let money go to waste?

Stick with me, guys. Here’s where it comes full circle.

Each of us has a bank. Its name is time.

Every morning when you wake up with nasty breath and bed-head hair (which by the way is so had to pull off intentionally), you are credited with 86,400 seconds. At night, whatever part of this you failed to invest in a good purpose–whether that be grabbing lunch with a good friend, walking your dog, watching the sunset, or eating that last piece of pumpkin pie–it writes it off as a loss. Time carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft.

Each day it opens a new account for you, and each night it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours.

There is no “drawing against tomorrow.” You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest in this account each day. Use your earnings, every cent, every second, doing something that makes you happy, that helps you and those around you, that is fun, creative, enjoyable and memorable.  The clock is running. Time

I sometimes fall to this trap of “drawing against tomorrow”; my worries, fears, excitement or apprehension of the next hour, day, month and year make me forget about what I am doing right now. I can’t spend my money, my time, on things that are not even for sale yet. It just doesn’t make sense!

I’m finally at the “adult” place in my life, the place that I forever wanted to reach as a little girl, and I think I owe it to the former me, and more importantly, the current me, to invest in today. To make each second count.

Who’s with me?

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