My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

I am probably the biggest book nerd.

Like, ever.

I collect books like most women collect shoes. I carry a book in every purse, bag and piece of luggage, just in case I get a hankering for a quick trip to Hogwarts. I am always on the lookout for the newest page-turner that will leave me up until all hours of the AM, hidden under my blankets with a flashlight and a bag of M&M’s (because who reads a book, in the middle of the night, without an ample supply of chocolate?).

I love to read.

LOVE it!

Books have the ability to take you to other worlds, to inspire you, to make you think, and to make your heart smile. They are honest, vulnerable, exciting, and sometimes, life-changing.

They are also absotively, posotutley, RIDICULOUS.

Case in point: The following 15 books that are so oddball, so out there, so completely and utterly crazy sauce that you just have to pull up a chair, a giant cup of coffee, and dive right in.

#15. Is this really necessary? b15

Chapter 1: If you see a huge ship, get the #!*&# out of the way! The end.

#14. This is going to far.b14

We know it’s meant to be satirical, but it’s really in terrible taste. And terrible smell.

#13. Still shuddering.b13

Still shuddering 25 minutes after looking at this book cover.

#12. Seems legit.b12

Remember all the old schoolyard bully tricks? The wedgie, the noogie, the Indian burn, the groin-to-groin full body mount??

#11. Does not compute.b11

I’m thankful I don’t remember a time when computers or food looked like that. Thankful.

#10. Bold flavors.b10

It would be pretty bold to eat whatever’s on the cover of this book; think I’d probably rather eat that glob of gum on the bottom of my shoe.

#9. Is this an adult title?b9

Seriously, couldn’t this guy have come up with a better name for his action hero? Come on Chet Cunningham, we expected so much more from you . . .

#8. Believe it or notb8

Yes, this is a real book that really got published. Aren’t you glad you weren’t alive during the ‘good old days’?

#7. How do you define style?b7

I suppose ‘style’ is a subjective term, as this book seems to illustrate. Judging on my childhood Christmas gifts, my grandmother probably read this book, or wrote it.

#6. Pray to the God of gym lockersb6

You can’t get your locker open because you are a spazz and you’re spending your high school years having an existential religious crisis instead of playing football and hooking up with girls.

#5. A Prequel to Timecop?b5

This sounds terrible. Wonder of Jean Claude Van Damme is the ghostwriter?

#4. So you’re looking to take up a new hobby?b4

I guess fancy coffin-making is a hobby for someone somewhere . . .

#3. Probably only other elderly peopleb3

Reading about the lives of old people sounds about as interesting as talking about the lives of fungus.

#2. Not with that attitudeb2

Seriously, look at the look of woe on that kid’s face, who wants to hear what this sad-sack has to say?

#1. Things can get lonely for a farmer…b1

This is a book of grown men who admit to loving old tractors. The cover says “how to keep your family running”, sounds about right!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting a serious whiff of New York Times best sellers right here!

Happy reading (or coffin-making, if you’re into that sort of thing).





Comments on: "15 Books That Are So Ridiculously Bad, They’re Good" (12)

  1. I’m a big book reader too and I thought this was the most entertaining blog post ever!

  2. HA! Still Stripping? I mean, really? Who allowed that to be published?! Especially given the hideous sweater vest she’s sporting…

  3. I’ve just become a big Time Ninja fan

  4. Oh my! Are these for real books?

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  6. “It’s Not Going to Get Any Better When You Grow Up” by Drew Bledsoe. *”Drew Bledsoe”*?! Surely not *that* Drew Bledsoe?

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