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The Business of Dating


We’ve all been there.

That horrible, no good, very bad first (or second or sometimes if you make it to the third) date that just goes horribly, not good, and, well, very bad.hDE99BD41

You know the ones…

…homeward bound guy. “I actually still live with my mom. Could you maybe pay for my dinner? She hasn’t given me my allowance this yet.” RUN WENDI. JUST RUN.

…the guy who insisted on referring to himself in the third person. “Uhh. Yeahhh. The Zach doesn’t really like to go on hikes.  Or anything really outdoorsy. How about we hit up a coffee shop instead?” Uhh. Yeahhh. The Wendi is not really feeling it.

…the BMW-driving, over-gelled hair, way too cocky, and overly-rude-to-the-waiter-at-the-restuarant guy who spent every second of the date checking himself out in the reflection of the napkin holder, car door, store front window and every imaginable shiny surface within four counties. Abercrombie called; they want their D-Baggy wannabe model back.

…the guy who, while playing lazer tag, proceeded to yell at the little kiddos on his team because they were  “blowing it, yo!” He was 31 years old.

…the guy who ate pizza with a fork. I mean a fork?! Really?! I guess I can understand if it was a Chicago-style, deep dish, ooey, gooey pie. But thin crust? Enough said.

Dating. It can be awkward, and weird, and nerve-racking.

It can also be fun, and exciting, and in some cases, life-changing.

In my 26 years of life, it’s safe to say that I have seen my fair share of all of these things.

The good. And the not so good.

I’m not going to lie; dating is hard. Not only in trying to find places to meet guys, but in trying to meet great guys. Guys who are sweet and funny and charming. Guys who can directly quote Seinfeld and Happy Gilmore, guys who have read (and loved) Harry Potter, guys who don’t spend five hours getting ready, love to spend the day watching the baseball or football game, and have a big heart.

Not that I’m picky or anything… 😉

I’ve come to find out that dating is a lot like job hunting (which is something, coincidentally, I am also doing.)

You search and search for a job, a job that you love, and that loves you back. You send out countless resumes and cover letters, showcasing your talents and attributes, really displaying why you would be the best candidate for the position.

Out of all of those sent applications, the majority of them inevitably come back with a “We regret to inform you but…” email.


There is always that one.

That one application that you send in, the one most often than not the one for which you applied for on a whim, the one you least expected to get a call back from.

Dating is not very different from that.

You can go on date after date, put yourself out there, and take a chance in finding someone who has all of those qualities you have been looking for. And vise-versa. You can go to many dinners and movies, visit many coffee shops and take many hikes (or in the case of The Zach, perhaps not). You will have those awkward dates, those dates where you wish you would have stayed home in your pj’s, a carton of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and a full DVR at your full attention.


There is always that one.

That one guy you meet that is unlike any other. That guy who makes you laugh and smile and gives you the butterflies. That guy who is sweet, charming, has a big heart and who eats pizza with his hands like a normal person.

I guess the point in all of this is to not give up. In the dating or business world. Because in both cases, no experience is a bad one. With each interview or bad date, you learn.

You grow.

You see things not only as how they are, but also as what they could be.

And, in both cases, you are setting yourself up for the opportunity of a lifetime.

That one.

I don’t know about you, but that is definitely worth it!






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