My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Somethin’s a brewin’

Hey guys!

So sorry for my absence for the past few weeks!

You will never EVER guess what happened to me!

So I was hiking in the woods a few weeks ago when out of the corner of my eye I stumbled upon something so shiny, so beautiful that I had to stop and take a look. There, basking under the glow of the hot Georgia sun was the beautiful wrapper of an unopened Snickers bar. It would be chocolate abuse NOT to rescue it from it getting ultimately eaten by a bear, right? Or worse, not getting enjoyed at all but left to melt to chocolate and caramel and nougaty mush!

Oh the horror!

That’s exactly what I thought.

So I rescued it.

Little did I know that the piece de resistance happened to be sitting in a hidden well.

Yes. You heard me. A well. As in water. As in fall in and “Crap!”

And fall in I did.


Apparently Lassie has been caught up in this Candy Crush craze as much as my mom and everyone sane enough to spend 23 out of their 24 hours a day ‘clearing the jellies’.

This very caught-up-ness in Candy was the reason why I was not rescued for two weeks.


Thanks a lot, Lassie.

It’s okay though. I was able to MacGyver myself a nice little blanket out of some old moss, I had plenty of enough water to drink (one perk of being trapped in a well) and I even discovered that ants do taste a lot like chicken.

Who’d a thunk?!

You want to know another crazy story?

I made that all up (except for the part of saving a Snickers bar from destruction. That I totally did! Ain’t nobody gonna destroy a Snickers bar better than this girl!–And I just gave myself a headache from using double negatives. )

The reason for my absence was that I spent the last two weeks on vacation. The fam and I went up to our cabin in northern Wisconsin and did absolutely nothing. And it was wonderful.

Well, I should clarify.

I kayaked every morning (even on the mornings when it was a balmy 45 degrees out. Gotta love Wisconsin!). P.S. I really want a kayak. Like, really really. If anyone knows of a good place to buy them for cheap, or has one that they want to sell or get rid of, hit a girl up!2



Had mad Cribbage wars with my dad (I don’t want to brag, but there may have been some major skunkage on my part).4

I went shopping with the moms (Maxed out my credit card on Brewer gear and these funky bookends made of actual books! I mean…how cute are these?!)8



I ate. And ate. And ate. And just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore, I ate.5


Get in mah belly.

Get in mah belly.


I stayed up late. And slept in late. And wasn’t bothered with emails or work or school for 14 whole days.

It. was. wonderful.

And if that wasn’t great enough news for ya…

I am driving 13 hours back up to Wisconsin tomorrow to begin my summer internship at the Milwaukee Public Library.


I am too excited for words and have a feeling I am not going to get an ounce of sleep because of it.

Brewer games, Summerfest, bonfires, random road trips and Milwaukee adventures, Kopp’s Custard, seeing all of my WI homies (you know who you are), and anything and everything that comes my way.

Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

This summer is going to be one for the books!

I will be sure to keep you updated on all the crazy awesome times that are sure to come along the way (that is if I can tear Lassie away from her candy obsession).

Have a great rest of your Monday friends and I will see you in Milwaukee 🙂






Comments on: "Somethin’s a brewin’" (2)

  1. Ok – You had me in the well with you – LOL
    Have I ever told you that you are adorable? Well – YOU ARE!
    Your posts are always quite animated. It’s like I can picture you talking & actually telling the story & you not being able to sit or stand still as you tell your story. 🙂
    Looking forward to your summer adventures!
    And – oh YUM on the butter burger & cheese curds.

  2. Best beer coozy ever. So jealous of that.

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