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Have you ever waged a quiet, ten-minute war against a stubborn price tag?r-REMOVE-PRICE-TAGS-large570

You know how it is; Slapped on the side of a souvenir, stuck to the bottom of a vase (vahze), you spot the sticker and start peeling it off with your fingers. But then it quickly tears and you are left holding the sad little scrap in your hand with the remaining bit stubbornly laughing at you.

So you start peeling again from the other side but alas, it’s no use. That darn little piece of sticky rips off too–leaving you stuck with a sticky square of sticky frustration.


That’s a lot of sticky.

That’s when it’s time to roll up the sleeves.

That’s right, folks.

It’s time to go Domestic MacGyver on it–wheeling out big guns like the edge of a credit card, nail polish remover, Windex, or even a hair dryer. Nothing is off limits as you fight for your right to give a non-sticky boxed action figure to your nephew (or boyfriend/husband/dad) for his birthday.macgyver-trust-me300

So you rub in oils and lotions, dig your fingernails in there, and finally–huffing and puffing like that poor little Rhino from Jumaji–, smear it all off. It only took a million years to do so, gumming up your fingers and causing a great deal of stress in the process.

That’s what makes that one time when that silly stubborn sticky tag rolls off in one, smooth peel so, well,



Comments on: "Life’s Little Awesomes: Unsticking the Sticky" (4)

  1. I had to do a project for a Digital Design art class I took my last semester of college that involved designing a “light modulator” (read: lampshade) on Illustrator then taking it to the lazer cutter to do lazer cutting things. I wanted my light to come out red, so I had to go to a very fancy art store downtown– the kind of stores that caters to REAL Fine Arts majors, not dweebs like me– and buy red filters. Unfortunately they had stickers on them, so I had to take them off. First I tried peeling, but that left the sticky part on. Then I tried water, but that didn’t do anything either. Then I tried nail polish remover which effectively removed the sticker remains and the red pigment in the filters. I had to go back downtown to the Fancy Shmancy Art Store for Art People and buy new ones and ask them for tips for removing the stickers. I bet as soon as I left the store they started pointing and laughing at my science major ass. Good times, Great Lakes.

    [Side story: My “light modulator” was in the shape of a rectangular cube, so I had to cut out four panels and then glue them together. I bought heavy duty glue for the art store and stuck the edges of the sides together. It worked great, so I placed it next to the wall so it wouldn’t fall over and collapse. On the day I had to hand it in I tried to pick up the piece, but I had heavy-duty-glued it to the wall. In order not to destroy my project (as it was due in 20 minutes) I had to literally rip off the wall and then use an exacto knife to try and separate the wall pieces from my light modulator. Thankfully I was only taking that course pass/fail, so when I showed up with kindergarten-level work attached to pieces of my dorm’s wall I didn’t destroy my GPA. Art!]

    • Oooh! A light modulator! I’m totally going to use that from now on. Lampshades are SO 2012. I’m sorry to hear about your art escapades, my dear but I know how you feel. I was an art major my freshman year (well, the first semester of my freshman year—it lasted that long) and paid an arm and a leg for art supplies. It was ca-razy town how much pens and paper and paint that ended up drying up within two uses cost! Blech! I now know where the term “Starving artist” comes from lol. I have to say your have excellent MacGyvering skills if it wasn’t for the red pigment mishap. Stupid filters. You want to know something weird? I just found out that peanut butter works wonder when it comes to de-sticking the sticky. An edible lampshade (I mean light modulator) perhaps? 😉

  2. Goo BeGone is the best stuff ever. The worst stickers are the ones they put on books that won’t come off. Paper against sticky paper. Bad combo.

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