My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

We’ve all done it.

We’ve all been there.

After a few too many bean burritos (oh who am I kidding? One can never have too many bean burritos!), your stomach smiling with content fullness, you start to get a funny feeling.

That oh-no-I’ve-either-got-to-find-a-bathroom-quick-or-I-am-gonna-have-an-explosion-of-rotten-egg-proportions!

You know the one.

It can happen at any moment, at any time, in any location.Farted

Of course Murphy’s Law dictates that this almost always occur when you are surrounded by a mass of people; at work, at school, doing the downward dog in Yoga class (I’ve been the recipient of that one and let me tell you what guys, I don’t think I ever fully recovered).

It even can happen in your own home.

But what happens when it is you who is the hostess with the mostess? I am pretty sure that Emily Post would urge whoever it is that’s throwing the elegant soiree to never, ever double dip, have Nickelback as the DJ of choice and most importantly…

…let their freak-fart-flag fly.

(Unless of course you are a member of the Hansen family where the fart is the new handshake, high-five and “hello”).

When the dinner party wraps up, the quilting bee buzzes off, or your friends all grab their coats and head down to catch a cab, it’s time to take a second to stand alone in the center of your place, smile slowly, and finally blast it out.

It’s free farting at it’s best and it is…



Comments on: "Life’s Little Awesomes: Free Farting" (5)

  1. I think this post is very inconsiderate to people like me who can’t digest food and would love for any gastrointestinal activity to occur, but will never know that pleasure. Please revise. Let my people go.

  2. Better out than in…

  3. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

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