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Going with the “Flo”

Hey guys!

So I’ve got a question for ya…

Do you ever feel like you are just going with the flo?

No, not that Flo, silly billy.

Although can I just say…I NEED a pair of those slippers! And how dare that squirrel steal from that poor, poor chipmunk family. Justice indeed, Flo. Justice indeed.

Actually, the “flo” I am referring to is that certain feeling of being stuck in a rut, just kind of going through the motions of the ocean without stopping to smell the roses. WOW that was a lot of different analogies to throw at you all at once. And they all completely, 110% made sense, right? πŸ˜‰

Yikes. I am going to apologize in advance for this post and the many, many brain farts that are sure to ensue. That is part of the reason I am bringing my girl Flo into this conversation. Don’t get me wrong; I am having a blast at work and am LOVING school! In fact, I just got back my grades for two major papers, the very first major papers of my grad school career, and kicked both of their, pardon my French, asses! I was a bit shocked; I didn’t know quite what to expect, seeing as the Master’s program is a whole other ballgame from my college days. You can imagine how excited I was (there may or may not have been some serious M.C. Hammer happy dancing going on in my house, and that was just the dog).

While I love school, I think that sometimes I put too much emphasis on grades and how well I do. I had the same problem when I was in college; I was so focused on doing my best (and in my mind, “best” equaled “4.0 or bust”) that I really missed out on the whole college experience a bit. As you all know, I am a slight perfectionist.

Okay. I am a HUGE perfectionist. The biggest. And while I have come a long way from where I used to be in that area (A LOOOONNNNGGGG WAY), not putting so much pressure on myself and throwing myself a bone ever once in a while, which we should all do, I still have this inner-need to do well, to tackle it all. I like challenging myself, stretching my boundaries and knowing that at the end of the day, I accomplished all that I set out to do and then some.

What have I always preached to you guys over and over? Moderation is key. Except when it comes to ice cream and in that case, just go ahead and throw away the key because you all know you can never have too much of the cold and creamy deliciousness that is Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream.

While all of these attributes are great to have, even commendable,Β  they can prove to be detrimental if used to excess. Case in point: the current runt that I have fallen into. For the last few weeks, it seems like all I do is homework, work, read my text books/take notes, work, take a test, work. I realize that this time last year, I was begging for this ‘busy-ness”, this sense of doing something and being productive. And I also realize that jam-packed days and long nights come with the territory of being an employed full-time student. What I need to start realizing however that just because I am doing those things, doesn’t mean I have to let it consume my life.

I cannot just sit back and let life pass me by, gosh darn it. Instead of just going with the flow, I have to start directing it. That may mean setting a time limit for school work during the day, politely declining to cover nonscheduled shifts at work if I just don’t have the time (that is going to be a toughy for me because I HATE saying no) and calandaring in “Me” time at least once a week (sitting down to read a non-text book book, hanging out with friends, watching trashy TV, going out for ice cream, etc.).

I know I have said before how important it is to not carried away with the small things in life, the things like work, grades and money that at the end of the day, won’t mean a peanut butter covered pickle in the grand schemes of things. And I know that I have struggled to follow my own advice in doing so, but I don’t want to take for granted another missed opportunity to really enjoy life.

Let’s all pinky promise that we will stop and smell the roses as often as we can. Just maybe not the ones in Mrs. Habersham’s front yard lest you want to face the wrath of her garden hose. (I’m sorry Mrs. Habersham).

So what do you say?!

Are you with me?!

Questions of the day:

Have any of you ever been perfectionists?

Do you have a hard time balancing work/school/fun time?

What kinds of things do you like to do to chillax?

Comments on: "Going with the “Flo”" (11)

  1. The older I get – the less of a perfectionist I am. Life is to short to not take time to smell the roses. πŸ™‚

  2. I was you. You are me. I am still a perfectionist but only about the most important things. πŸ™‚ My housework….ummmm, not a priority. I do struggle with balancing work and play. My boyfriend helps me with that. I have started using an app so I can track my habits and form new ones…one of which is TO RELAX every day. Relaxing takes many forms too…today it was a cup of decaf coffee on the porch (while I made a handout for science class). Yesterday, relaxing was the treadmill and playing with my new laptop. Tomorrow’s relaxing will be the freshman football game. All very different but still enjoyable for me.

    • Lol. I am glad I am not the only one. And you make such an excellent point, Mel. It’s okay to be a perfectionist, but only when it comes to the things that really matter in life. Family, friends, faith and doing good for others. Now that is something I could hop on the perfectionist train for in a heart beat. Good for you that you take the time to relax really enjoy your every days and every nights, each in different ways but all equally enjoyable.

      P.S. I need to get me that APP, ASAP πŸ˜‰

  3. i never have been a perfectionist. i’m the 3rd of 4 girls. i was the rebel.

    story time! I had chemistry Junior year of high school – our teacher was going over the homework from the night before and got a different answer for one of the math “how many moles” question. When we all voiced that we had the same answer as each other, but different than his, he shrugged and said “Close enough is good enough!” ((our answers were half a mole different)) we were the only class ((8th period!)) from then on that got to use that excuse if we were half a mole off on any homework or test equations. that has been my favorite saying since then!
    for instance – – my wedding SO did not go according to plan. but i still got married, went to the two places i wanted to take pictures at, and wore a Cinderella dress. Close enough is good enough :0)

    • That is the greatest story EVER! And your teacher sounds like he was a pretty cool dude πŸ™‚
      I really, really like that saying, “Close enough is good enough.” Sometimes, that really is enough. I def think I am going to have to start applying that type of thinking to my life lol.

  4. A peanut butter-covered pickle? I don’t know whether to drool (for the PB) or puke (the pickle). That image is going to stay with me for years to come.
    I am not a perfectionist in any shape or form. I am, in fact, an imperfectionist who never loses herself in the details. That being said, I am very much a “stress monster” and regularly engage in panic attacks. Go figure?
    I chill by watching Storage Wars or Modern Family, bugging my rodent or my hubby, browsing the car lots and car shows, and of course, by hanging out on WordPress. Maybe I should take up drinking. I sound really boring.

    • Not a fan of PB pickles?! Oh girl, you crazy! Crazy! Haha. And you? A boring person? Absotively posatutely not. You have the ability to arouse endless bouts of chuckling and pee-your-pants funny moments more than anyone I know πŸ˜‰

      • Have you actually consumed a PB pickle? What kind? Gerkin, Dill, Bread & Butter?
        And thanks. Sorry about the peeing of the pants though. Could I recommend an adult diaper?

      • I have. Actually, they were in the form of a sandwich. I have had both dill and bread and butter varieties but my fav are def the bread and butta. You are so welcome. Although to take you up on that offer of adult diapers? Depends πŸ˜‰

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