My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

It’s ALIVE!!!!

Holy moly, goodness gracious, me-oh-my and  giant apple pie….


Let’s see…since we’ve last chatted, I dyed my hair bright pink. And won the lottery. And got engaged. To a prince. And  am moving to the little known country of Chocolatestan where there are trees of Reeses and Snickers every where you look.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. I WISH that were true. With the exception of the pink hair thing–I would totes go more of a purple or blue hue 😉

I have been meaning to sit down and say hello, update you on what is a happenin’ in my life but every time I get a second to sit down, I usually fall asleep within a matter of seconds.

Yes, I am that exciting.

As my buddy-o-pal Melanie reminded me tonight, I haven’t been as great about keeping up with my blog as I promised.

MAJOR oops on my part. I didn’t realize how intense trying to juggle grad school, work AND my internship would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING every minute, every second of it–I am learning so much and am having an absolute blast, but it is A LOT of work. A LOT. After coming home from work and the library interning it up, writing 25-page papers (25 page papers?! I know, right?!), reading, test-taking and preparing for midterms, I honestly have just enough time to breath. Barely.

I know that is no excuse and I swear that I will be back at it ASAP, recounting you with my crazy and silly  shenanigans–boy do I have some doozies to share with y’all. I finally have got my student-sea legs back and will be back on here as soon as you can say, and spell, SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPIELADOCIOUS (totally guessing on that way). You’ll be so sick of me, you’ll be wishing I was back with my head burried in a book.

The truth is, I miss you guys and think about you often.

I hope you all are doing tremendously well, are kicking some major bootay in work/school/life in general like I know you can and are having fun.

And, I hope you had a nice vacation from yours truly because I’m back baby!

Have a wonderful rest of your night and an even better tomorrow 🙂

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Comments on: "It’s ALIVE!!!!" (12)

  1. Was missing you – but – with all you have going on – you do need your rest. Nice to see you back though. Your posts are always fun & always put a smile on my face.
    Hmmm…Since your last update – I’ve gotten a few more grey hairs, a wrinkle or two, a few migraines (damn them), Oh – & a new job! 🙂
    Happy Weekend Wendi!

    • Thanks so much, Rosy! And I am so very sorry to hear about those pesky migraines; that is not fun at all! I used to get them when I was younger and oofta…it really takes a lot out of you. But you got a new job?! That’s so exciting!! What are you doing? Do you like it? Hope you are having a great weekend sweety!

  2. Hey girl!! So glad to hear an update!! I was getting worried about you. I understand busy for sure!!

    • Lol. I am doing great, just super, SUPER busy. I was so touched to have received your email, hon. It truly meant the world that you were thinking of me. I actually was thinking of you the other day when I was talking to one of my co-workers. Her mom is a teacher and she was explaining to me how she just implemented a whole new idea for teaching her students all about Shakespeare. How have you been? Are you enjoying your kiddos? HOw’s the fam? Thinking of you lots, girly!

  3. you know, i almost scrolled right past this update in my reader section thingy, cuz I scroll quick&look at the pictures, horrid, i know. right after i zoomed past the cat i went “wait, that’s gotta be Wendi” and backed up….. sure enough :0)

    let’s see, i’ve gotten married, sold three things ((but not your mustaches)) in my Etsy shop, got two custom orders, went apple picking, made cheesecake, and went on a two hour hike with mi mama! glad you’re back for a bit!

    • Holy moly, girlfriend. You make my busy-ness look dismal lol. And can I tell you I am SO pumped that you started a blog!!! LOVE it! I am DYING to get a hand on one (or many) of those mustaches BTW’s. 😉

      • designbytess said:

        I was thinking the other way around…. I feel so bored half the time because I don’t have a job or puppy or school anymore! &&The mustaches will stick around for awhile, just waiting for you :0) no worries.

      • Really? I’m not gonna lie—kinda missing the days of feeling bored haha. You are doing some aaahhhhhmazing work though on Etsy hon and as soon as I get some moolah into the old bank account again (or I should say, moolah that isn’t being spent on bills and food and gas and student loans), I am going to town on your website! 🙂

  4. Yay! You’re back! I so missed you and your loopiness! I mean that in the nicest of ways OF COURSE! You are one busy chick and I admire your willingness to tackle so much at once!!
    And just know that your audience is still out here, waiting for your next post, and that we will not fade away!!
    Big hugs sista from anotha mista!!

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