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Hey friends!

I thought I’d start off today’s post with a little trivia, Alex Trebek-style for ya.

What and/or who are these funky guys?

A) A bottle opener

B) These aliens from The Simpsons

C) A parking meter

D) A walking, talking, one-eyed security camera

If you asked me, I think they look like scary and kinda creepy futuristic Teletubbies.

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games which are kicking off tomorrow in London with the exciting and spectacular opening ceremonies…and I can’t wait. I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!

Want to know a secret? When I was little, I always envisioned myself one day competing in the games myself. I ran track and swam throughout high school and college and the thing that pumped me up most before a meet or race, the thing that really got me  in ‘the zone’ was picturing myself in a uniform of red, white and blue, running/swimming for the gold along with my fellow competitors from around the world. Want to know another secret? I used to dance around in my living room, ‘performing’ triple axles and double saucows to the likes of Michele Kwan and Tara Lepinski. It didn’t matter of course that I couldn’t skate to save my life. In my living room on our shag green carpet, I was great. I wanted to hear the roar of the crowd, I wanted to feel that rush as a medal of gold was bestowed upon my neck, so proud, so overtaken with joy and accomplishment.

The thrill of competition, the hard work and determination that each and every athlete puts in and feels is so incredibly motivating and really is an inspiration to witness. But the Olympics are so much more than that. Since they started, they have served as a bringing together of countries and people who, for a period of three months or so, would set aside their different backgrounds and beliefs and come together for a common goal. The Olympics has become the medium to which we exchange one’s culture to the world. Not only do we get to learn more about each other and the world around us, but we gain respect and admiration for each other as well. These games encompass the hard work and determination of the human spirit, that you really can do anything if you set your mind to it. Cool, huh?!

Now I am sure you all have your favorite events that you will be dying to watch and cheer on come Saturday (I am a HUGE fan of swimming, track & field, soccer and gymnastics myself), but I always wondered what constitutes or qualifies something as Olympic-game worthy? Who decides what the events should be? Approves/disapproves new events?

To those people, I have just a few suggestions of my own to consideration for the next winter and summer Olympic games…


1. Blindfolded pairs skating-This event will be similar to regular pairs figure skating, but in this event both skaters will be blindfolded. Adds just a little more excitement and punch, no?

2.Raccoon bobsled racing-In this event, each team will be required to have one adult raccoon on board the bobsled in addition to the human participants. The raccoon will not be contained in any sort of carrier and at all times must be allowed to roam freely while zooming down the speedway. Participants are allowed to wear protective gear over their faces in the event the raccoon panics and tries to scratch their eyes out. Team is automatically disqualified if raccoon is thrown either intentionally or unintentionally from the bobsled.

3. Uphill Skiing-Going down the hill? Easy peasy. Going up? Now that’s what I call a sport!

4. Hot chocolate drinking contest-CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!


1. Ultimate Kickball–Not just your playground or gym class staple anymore, especially if this guy is your opponent.

2. Marco Polo- Marco! Polo. Marco! Polo. Marco! Po…okay this may take a while.

3. PIG- I SO would dominate in this event. Lebron James, you got nothin’ on me!

4. Chubby Bunnies- Stuff your face with marshmallows. Try to say ‘Chubby Bunnies’ without spitting out any marshmallows. Attempt to put even more marshmallows in your pie hole. Say ‘Chubby Bunnies’ again. Repeat these complicated instructions until you can’t fit any more delicious marshmallows in your mouth. It may require many months of training, long days and hours spent with Peeps and S’mores, talking with my mouth full and having a great deal of ‘See food’, but gosh darn it, I am determined to get that gold!

Basketball, snowboarding, diving and curling are great and all, but can you imagine, just imagine, what the world would be like with a little marshmallow and raccoon action thrown into the mix?


Have a great rest of your Thursday guys! If you can, remember to catch the opening ceremonies tomorrow night. And look for me; I’ll be chilling with Wenlock and Mandeville 😉

Questions of the day:

What are your favorite Olympic events to watch?

Have you ever wanted to compete?

Any crazy fun ideas for possible future events?


Comments on: "And The Gold Medal Goes To…" (4)

  1. allaccesspass said:

    I have never really gotten into the Olympics. My boyfriend’s oldest is recovering from tonsilectomy so we will probably be watching this year. I like your suggestions though. They sound challenges on Big Brother!

    • Haha thanks. They do kind of sound Big Brother-ish, don’t they? I hope your boyfriend’s little guy feels better soonly. P.S. A great time to spoil him with all the ice cream and puuding he could ask for 🙂

  2. First of all, those mascots are the things nightmares are made of. And why are they wearing oven mitts? Blindfolded couples skating would definitely appeal to the bloodsport fans. I think the raccoons should be rabid just to add that extra intensity. Uphill skiing–that is HILARIOUS! What the heck is PIG? Despite my revulsion by all things marshmallow, I would be an avid spectator at the Chubby Bunnies event.
    No, sadly I never wanted to be an Olympian. Rather than skate on the shag carpet (wow, great imagination by the way. Did you ever catch an imaginary toe pick in the rug hairs?), I played air drums (had the sticks but no drums) and sang to an audience of thousands in the arena that was my parents’ basement.
    As a Canuck, I am partial to the Winter Olympics–especially the luge. I may or may not watch the summer ones. I think they should have a track meet on ice or snow. Or gymnastics in snowsuits.
    Awesome post!

    • Aren’t they the creepiest?! Perhaps they intend on doing some…baking during the games? lol. PIG is a type of basketball game where two or more players take turns shotting baskets. If the person who goes ahead of you makes it, you have to shoot from where they shot (if they don’t you can shoot from where ever you want). If you don’t make it, you get ‘P’. And so on and so on until someone spells out PIG. It’s super fun but even more fun if you decide to play hippopotamus instead haha. Funny that you mention it, I was once disqaulified from a routine due to an ill-fated rug hair toe pick incident. Not my finest moment 😉

      I could definitely see you up on stage somewhere, giving a Madison Square Garden-sized arena an amazing show. Or at least your stuffed animals that were in the audience.

      P.S. LOVE your track meet on the snow idea. and gymnastics in snowsuits?! Genius, girl!

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