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Friday Fav’s

Can I get a T.G.I.F.?! :)

Lordy, this week has semi crawled by. I’ve been experiencing day later syndrome all week (I keep thinking it’s Friday, for instance, when it’s actually Thursday – d’oh!) probably because I spent the beginning part of the week down in Valdosta hanging with my sister. I left on a Monday and came back on Wednesday which in my mind felt like a weekend vacation, throwing my whole schedule for a loop-de-loop.

It’s kinda sorta hard to get back into a routine after you’ve been living willy-nilly and without a plan of action for a few days isn’t? Reality set in once I logged on to my email and had a bazillion of messages from the University of Milwaukee about the fastly moving and upcoming start to the school year. September will be here before I know it which means flipping the switch in my brain to school and studying and exam and paper-writing mode.

And I can’t wait 🙂

But that is weeks away yet which means I, as well as you, still have time to celebrate and cut loose the rest of summer.

To help you get started this weekend, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Fav’s!

Favorite Fun: Sliding Rock in Brevard, NC. This 60 foot rock ending in a deep pool at the bottom has been naturally smoothed over thousands of years from rushing water. HOW FUN DOES THIS LOOK?

Favorite ‘Are you serious!’: Fart Be Gone! Flatulence Deodorizer Pads that let you, let it rip. WHAT?!?!?! Oh lordy…

Favorite Midnight Movie: Last night I couldn’t for the life of me fall asleep (don’t you hate when that happens?!). After tossing and turning, I got up and decided to turn on the TV for a while. My channel surfing stumbled upon Land Before Time and I knew I had to stop and watch. When I was little, I think I watched this VHS tape so much, I think it unraveled. This was and is one of my favorite movies ever, even if it has me reaching for the Kleenex and turns me into a blubbering mess every time I see it.

Favorite Foodie find: PINK! PINK! PINK! Get in my kitchen!

Favorite View: Nothing better in my opinion than enjoying a hot dog, an ice-cold lemonade, and a game at Miller Park. Nothing.

Favorite Brunch bunch: Who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast?

Favorite Book haven: Brattle Book Shop at 9 West Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Pure heaven.

Favorite Pooch: Looks like this little guy found his Happy Gilmore happy place 🙂

Favorite Wall Wowsas: Chalkboard paint! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

Favorite Slurp: Oreo Milkshakes. You had me at Oreo milkshakes. YUM! Perfect on a hot day. Or a cold day. Or an any day 🙂

Favorite Inspiration: “I believe.” I do believe. Gives me chills to think about the strength and faith that person had.

Favorite Photo: Dance like no one is watching. Even in the rain. 🙂

Favorite Drool: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes. Now I know how Pavlov’s dogs must have felt. Nummers.

Favorite Funny: An impasta! HAHAHAHA!!!

I hope you guys have an impastably great weekend 😉



Comments on: "Friday Fav’s" (7)

  1. allaccesspass said:

    I am in love with the chalkboard paint idea. My boyfriend just painted his daughter’s closet door with chalkboard paint. Now I want to do something like this at my place. Kitchen cabinets???? They are old and need painted anyway!

  2. TGIF – On Monday I thought it was Friday. Imagine how my week went..
    LMAO on the fart odor diffuser!
    Have a fab weekend 😉

  3. I soooo want to go to that bookstore. By the way, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! You can find the link here:

  4. I NEED that mixer in my kitchen! ohmygawsh!!!!!!!

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