My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Hey guys! Long time, no chat.

I am so sorry I have been MIA for the last few days, but things over here at This, That and the Other Thang have been busy, busy, busy. But before I fill you on what’s been a happenin’ in my life, I want to know how you all have been? What have y’all been up to lately?

Go on any fun summer road trips or vacations?

See any bands are movies? For those who have seen the latest Batman flick, is it as tote’s amazing as they’re saying it is? I’m wondering whether or not to sneak in some Twizzlers and M&M’s in my purse and go see it this weekend.

Get brain freeze on any new ice cream discoveries? If not, you MUST go out and get yourself a pint of this delicious goodness. I am telling you–heaven on a spoon, or if you’re like me, a giant soup ladle (ultimate ice cream scoopage capabilities to the max!).

Get locked out of your own house for almost two hours and had to end up calling a locksmith at midnight to come and let you in for a small fee of $210 buck-a-roos?

No? Hmm…maybe that was just me 😉

Here’s just a quick wrap up of the shenanigans yours truly has been getting into recently…


  •  I accepted a job at my old stomping grounds, and also one of my most favorite stores EVER, Target. Or as they say in French, Target. It’s just a part-time gig but it will be nice to have something to help me start paying for all of these lovely, and quite expensive, graduate school text books I will be purchasing in the next month or so. I also got exciting news; I was asked to come in for an interview next week with North Georgia University for the Library Assistant position I applied for. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I do well and they, as Sally Field once said, “really, really like me!” Wish me luck 😉
  • Later that day, I high-tailed it down to Warner Robins, GA where I picked up my mom and continued on our way a bit more south to Valdosta, GA where we were going to visit my sister. The poor thing had to have minor liposcopy surgery the following day and we wanted to be there to hold her hand as she went into the OR, help her get back on her feet, make sure she was A-okay and of course, make fun of her post-surgery anastesia stupor. Kidding 😉
  • Went out with the gang that night and ate some good, and VERY authentic mexican food. I’m talking beef-tongue- and-tripe-menu-appearance-making authentic. I stuck with a little less scary chicken tacos which were pretty tasty and for dessert…this glorious cup of goodness.
  • Most awkward-turtle moment of the day by far: Part of being hired at Target is agreeing to a drug test and background check within 24 hours of the offer, which I am totally okay with. Before I hit the road, I had to do the pee-in-the-cup deed at one of the walk-in clinics in town. I met with the doctor prior to going in where he got my information and filled out the necessary paperwork. He noticed I had an accent and asked where I was from. I told him I was a Yankee from Wisconsin and found out that he had a brother who once lived in Madison and was, and is, a cheesehead Packer backer. How cool is that?! Yeahhh budddy!  The awkward moment came when I went in to, ah, go. he told me NOT to flush when I was done, which I didn’t. But I SO wish I could have because not only did I have to do #1, #2 wanted to get in on some of that action as well. I felt my face turning a brilliant shade of rouge as I stepped out and handed the doctor my cup, having to apologize for the extra ‘gift’ I left him in the bowl. SO EMBARRASSING!!!  Oy vey.


  •  Early Tuesday morning, I woke up and hit the pool at my sister’s apartment complex, got happily chlorinated with a quick 60 laps, and enjoyed a bit of sun. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, my mom, sister and I made our way to the hospital for Lindsay’s surgery. I have got to say, my sister is one of the bravest people I know. She went in ready to take care of business. Was she a bit scared? Of course, as anyone would be who is going to have a team of doctors and nurses playing Operation on your insides would be. But she was strong, she had a sense of humor about everything, and she was optimistic. Just one of the things I love SO much about her.
  • The day was full of being shuffled from one waiting room to anther where we did a lot of waiting. And a little bit of waiting. And then to change things up a bit, we waited some more. Isn’t funny how hospitals really are a set of rooms where you go to pass the time between traveling between other waiting rooms?
  • My sister came out of surgery AMAZINGLY! She was such a trooper, a little sore, a LOT loopy on medicine, but so glad to be done and going home and even more so, glad she could finally eat something! All she could think of before going in were the Olive Garden breadsticks she was going to devour once she was done. Silly girl.
  • Most awkward-turtle moment of the day by far: We bought Lindsay a stuffed animal puppy to give to her after she got out of surgery. it was the cutest and most soft little fellow I had ever seen and knew that she would love it, which she did. before giving it to her, I decided to put it into my purse, its little head and front paws sticking out of the top. Think the Paris Hilton and her ankle-biting, pooch-carrying fad she created years ago. Let me tell you…the looks that I got from both patients and doctors/nurses at the hospital as I walked around with furry little Yodler in my bag. I sure hope she realizes the dog’s not real. It’s not real, right? 


  • After starting the day off right with another pool party and sun session, my mom, sister and I did some major chillaxin’ and had good ‘ol quality girl time. It was oh so nice just hanging out with them and spending time together. Being apart from these two, I really appreciate the time we do get to spend together. I miss that.
  • Later that afternoon, we said our goodbyes to miss Lindsay and made our way back home. Before I parted ways with my mom and dad, we all went out to dinner and got our munchies on at one of my favorite places, Mellow Mushroom. After filling my belly and chatting duking it out with a Braves fan sitting next to us who was adamant his team was far more superior than my Brewers (puh-lease mister.), I headed on home myself.
  • Most awkward-turtle moment of the day by far: Coming home to a locked house. Which in any normal case is a good thing. Except when you are outside without the key. I had one of my friends look after Thunder while I was away. I gave them my house key so she could get in/out and kept the garage door opener for myself so that I could do the same. Before my friend left earlier that night, she locked all of the doors, including the door from the garage to the kitchen, the one I was to use to get in, and left my house key on the kitchen table. I don’t blame her because she didn’t know I didn’t have a key. Oh wwelll. Lesson (s) learned fo sho! One, ALWAYS HAVE A KEY WITH ME. And two, I have GOT to teach my dog how to unlock doors 😉

So that, in a locked nutshell, is what has been going on in my neck of the woods the past week.

I hope you all are having a great Thursday, friends!

Only one more day till the weekend 🙂

Questions of the day:

Have you ever had to have surgery?

What was your most awkward-turtle moment of the week?


Comments on: "Docs, Locks and Mellow Mushrooms" (7)

  1. allaccesspass said:

    Good to hear an update from you! Let’s see…we ate the new frozen yogurt shop at our mall “Frozen Vi”. I had pralines and coffee yogurt with toasted coconut and chocolate chips. Yum!!! They charge 48 cents an ounce. It was awesome. More importantly good luck with the job interview! Fingers and toes crossed!

    • Oohhh that sounds delicious girl! And at $.48 an ounce?! You can’t go wrong for surely. Thank you so very much for the well wishes hun! I am so nervous but am confident and excited about the possibilities. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes 🙂 Hope you’re having a great Friday!!

  2. Holy crap, that dessert looked good! It’s not even 10:00 in the morning and you have me craving ice cream. Thanks for that.
    Now, for your questions. Yes, I have had surgery and I now have the strangest mouth-shaped scar just below my belly-button. Remember the Seinfeld episode where the girlfriend’s tummy talked to him in that strange “hell-o” voice? Well, mine could actually do that. At least it’s smiling. I couldn’t stand to have a scar that pouted and moped about.

    My most awkward-turtle moment is probably sharing that story with you in writing for all to see.
    And the best ice cream ever is President Choice’s Loads of Chocolatey Peanut Butter Treats–only in Canada though, but well worth the border cross.

    • I know, right! and let me assure you, it tasted 1000X better than it looked lol.

      OMgolly “Helllooooo” was one of my favorite episodes ever! I definitely think Jerry made the right choice in choosing the voice over his gal pal lol. Surgery is not fun but I am glad that at least you have a smiling belly button as a result 🙂

      P.S. I may have to make a trip across the border just for that President’s Choice treat. Sounds amazing!! Hope you’re having a great Friday girly!!

  3. That’s a lot of shtuff.
    I heart Taget (Tarjeh’) 🙂
    Good luck with the Library Assistant interview!
    May your sister have a speedy & smooth recovery.

    Have never had surgery
    ATM this week – None. I know – blah. So – maybe now trying to come up with one – LOL

    Happy Friday!

    • Tarjeh is the! And the best part of working there?? The 10% discount!! Yeahh buddy. I know where my paycheck will be going lol. Thank you for the well wishes on the interview hun. I appreciate it oh so much. I will definitely let you know how it goes. And thank you for the sweet thoughts on my sister. She seems to be doing a lot better today and is almost back to her old self which is great. Hope you have a great Friday as well missy 🙂

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