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Seeing Stars

Happy humpday guys (aka Friday eve eve)!

Big news in my little neck of the woods…

For the past two weeks, Hollywood has taken root in my small town of Cartersville, GA. You see, they are currently in the process of filming the (soon to be, I am sure) blockbuster movie Devil’s Knot. Based on the true story of the West Memphis Three, this flick starring Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth and Stephen Moyer (to name just a few) centrals around the true story of the 1993 murders of three eight year old children and the subsequent trials of three teenagers, the West Memphis Three, charged with and convicted of these crimes. The movie adaptation is set to revolve around the central idea that the three teenagers’ convictions were a result of “Satanic panic”, much like what happened during the Salem Witch trial craze oh so long ago, rather than actual evidence. Sounds good!

The film Devil’s Knot, a true story, is an adaptation of this book written by Mara Leverett. One to add to me “To Read” list for sure!

I was lucky enough to get in on some of the action (pun intended) yesterday afternoon when I chilled on set where they were filming at the old Cartersville Court-House. It was so neat to see the actual filming process, seeing the crew run back and forth with costumes, props and snacks, watching the stars and the extras do take after take, aiming for the perfect shot. Most of the filming took place inside of the court-house so the I didn’t get to check out a great deal of the actual filming, and the film crew was very stringent on people NOT taking pictures and/or videos–and believe me, you did not want to mess with the gal who was standing in front of the crowd of fans, keeping everyone in order; think Mike Tyson in a skirt. Since I somewhat valued my life, I didn’t go against Miss Tyson’s wishes and didn’t get a pic of one miss Witherspoon or Sir Colin Firth, but I did manage to sneak in a shot of them filming.


Apparently both Colin and Reese had been out just a mere hour before I had gotten there and were signing autographs and mingling with the fans. Just my luck, right?! Even though I did not get to say hi, I was able to see them when during one of their breaks, they stepped out onto the court-house balcony and waved to the crowd.

And I’ve got to say, Reese was as cute as a button, even more so in person for sure.

Hey girl, hey!! Reese spotted in C-ville 🙂

And Colin, pretty darn cute for an old guy, not to mention that accent. Oh that accent.

Hello, kind sir 🙂

And get this, both Colin Firth and Stephen Moyer ate dinner at one of the local bars in town, just the two of them grabbing a beer and some wings. It’s cool to see big time celebs like these fellows being able to just be, not bagged down by the papparazzi or crazy fans. What impressed me most was how they seemed to be so normal, so down to earth and very warming to everyone. Two thumbs up for these guys!

According to my sources (impressive no?), Jack Sparrow himself, Mr. Johnny Depp will be in town in three months because he is producing and starring in another version of this film, only it will be from the defendants point of view. Nuh uh?! I actually applied to be an extra in this particular film and unfortunately they didn’t need me (although be sure to look for my pal Courtney…Way to go girl!) but I did get an email saying that they would love for me to work on this next Depp version if when they start, I was still interested. Um…let me think about that for a…HECK TO THE YES!!!! HOW CRAZY COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?!?! I mean???? I. Would. Die. Seriously, die.

Being such a film nut as I am, it was awesome to see the inner and outer workings on a film, what really goes on behind the scenes and how long and complicated making a silver-screen picture really is. I was in movie magic heaven. It definitely makes you appreciate and respect your two hours of popcorn eating, soda slurping and movie viewing experience a little bit more, for sure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I better start working on my standing-still-and not-doing-anything-but-still-looking-extremely-important-in-the-process skills. Three months will be here for you know it and I am not ging to let my Johnny down. I’ll be darned to Pluto (the dog, not the former ‘not ever really a planet ‘planet) if I am not the best ‘girl in overalls sitting on the curb eating a Fudgcicle while listening to Styx on her Discman’ that anyone has every seen. And maybe I should place a call to my girl Tyra too and get her advice on how to perfect the perfect smize, just in case 😉

Questions of the day:

Have you ever seen or run into any stars/celebrities?

When I was in New York, I saw Jaimee Lyn-Discala from the Sopranos walking her pooch in Central Park. I also saw former Green Bay Packer coach Mike Holmgren (much taller in person) in the airport, singer Sisqo (of the best worst summer jam ‘Thong Song’ fame) at the Luxor hotel in Vegas and one of my uber fav’s Bob Uecker when dining out in Milwaukee one night (FYI: He likes dirty martinis).

If you had the chance to work on a movie, would you?

Not even a question for me 🙂

Comments on: "Seeing Stars" (10)

  1. How lucky are you? I went to Hollywood two summers ago and didn’t see a single celebrity. We even went to Crumbs Bake Shop, the popular cupcake shop, on Rodeo Drive (Why do I sense you would LOVE that place?) and we didn’t see anyone!

    As far as being in a movie….I don’t think I could handle the fame and publicity afterwards! Haha.

    • No way?! You got to go to Crumbs Bake Shop?! Now THAT is what I call being lucky!! I would take a giant vanilla buttercream cuppercake (or five) STAT! lol. Tell me, were they as good as they claim to be?

      • My friend has “The Elvis” which had peanut butter and banana (and maybe chocolate) and I had a lemon cupcake with lemon icing. They were huge and delicious. Of course, we were sitting on Rodeo Drive feeling all Pretty Woman-ish……so life was pretty wonderful at that moment.

  2. Awesome!
    I’ve met a few baseball players & have gotten autographs
    (Let’s Go Red Sox!)
    I’ve met soap stars from AMC via Tribute to PineValley
    (Including my Fave – “Dr. Hayward!”)
    I’ve met the Los Lobos band members & gotten their autographs
    (I try to catch them whenever they are in town – Love their music!)
    I shook President Obama’s hand at a rally
    (YAY me!)

    • SO very cool!! You want to know a secret? When i was little during the summers I used to always, always get hooked on watching AMC. I may or may not have had a huge crush on Leo 😉

  3. Let’s see… celebrities. Once I went on a camping trip with Andre Balazs’s daughter, and I got to meet his girlfriend: UMA THURMAN! I saw her eat a pizza, pick a wedgie, and get her ass grabbed by her boyfriend.

    I’ve met Donny Osmond in New York City after seeing him in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. He had bandaids on his knuckles so I asked him what happened and he said that sometimes he hits the set instead of the beast like he’s supposed to. (He played Gaston, which is hilarious. They had to put ass and thigh pads in his pants to make him look like “the size of a barge.”)

    Anne Hathaway went to my high school. I’m friends with her brother.

    That’s all I can think of right now!

    • That. Is. HILARIOUS! But it just goes to show that celebs as beautiful as Donny Osmond, oh, and Uma of course, are humans just like us. They pick their butts and get boo-boos on their knuckles lol. SO cool that Anne Hathaway went to your HS!! And you’re pals w/ her bro? Awesome!!!!!

  4. For now on, I’m only referring to Wednesdays as Friday “Eve Eve”. That’s hilarious.

  5. In NYC, I saw the filming of “Morning Glory” with Rachel McAdams. On other visits I saw Susan Dey, Conan O’Brien, Huey Lewis, and the guy who played Theo on the Cosby Show. I have seen William Shatner. I nearly rear-ended the New Kids on the Block limo. I saw the actress who shot J.R. Ewing in the Smithsonian. I saw the Y&R’s John Abbott walking down the street in my town. Of course, I had to pull over and talk to him. He stood out like a sore thumb in Canada in March with a deep California tan!! I saw Christoper Reeve filming “Somewhere in Time” on Mackinac Island in Michigan.

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