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Control, ALT, DELETE.

I think the world is a pretty darn amazing place.

But if I were given the chance to press the DELETE button on a couple of things to make it an even more amazing place than it already is, I would…

  • Say sayonara to the Biebs. I know he allegedly has the voice of an angel (a girl angel maybe, but an angel nonetheless–allegedly), the hair of Adonis and has more influence (and Twitter followers) than the President of the United States, but ‘baby, baby, baby oh’ I can’t take no mo’.
  • Gas prices. I mean, c’mon!
  • The ‘Back to School’ displays appearing everywhere. When I was a wee one, these signs sent me into complete panic mode. It meant that the days of swimming pools and sleepovers, staying up late and utter freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted were on their way to becoming a thing of the past, a distant memory clouded in piles of homework and scarily set alarm clocks. Summer can’t be half-way over already, can it?!
  • Spiders. Creepy. Crawly. Hairy and scary little buggers. I think it was Edwin Starr who once said, “War Spiders, oouh. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again…”. Okay. I know they are good for things like eating mosquitos and blah, blah, blah, but holy EEK, Batman!! Or should I say Spiderman?

But perhaps one of the most important things that I would rid the world of are labels.

Labels on how we should look, what we should eat, where we should work/what our careers should be, who we should love, how rich or poor we are.

He’s such a geek. Can you believe she’s just a janitor? They live there??

Labels. They suck. Honestly. Can you imagine a world in which there were none of these stigmas, these superficial and empty and not-at-all important preconceived boxes that we put others and ourselves in? Can you just imagine?

It would be awesome! People would start to see themselves, their friends and family and complete strangers for who they are and not what they should or shouldn’t be. We would start to define ourselves and others not by what fancy shmancy car they drive or how thin they are, but by things like how kind and generous and smart they are. We would appreciate more and take for granted less.

We spend so much time focused and worried about how others perceive us, trying desperately to do anything to fit into that ‘box’ that others have subscribed to us–I have been guilty of this myself in the past, living as a label and not as an individual with uniquenesses and crazy cool differences. We place unbelievably high and somewhat ridiculous expectations on ourselves and others, not afraid to put others down in the process to achieve that perfect label. Equality and acceptance is often times thrown out the window which results in a lot of hurt and lot of pain.

I  don’t know. Maybe I’m an optimist. (p.s. I initially typed “optometrist”. Maybe I’m one of those too). But I firmly believe that if all of those gosh darn labels were thrown out with tomorrows trash, the world would change, one DELETED label at a time.

So I ask you…can you imagine a world without labels?

Baby, baby, baby ohhh I sure can 🙂

Question of the day: If you could rid the world of one thing (or things) what would they be?

I just named a few things off of the top of my head, but I would also be sure to add to my list: cancer, B.O., and mayonnaise (gross).


Comments on: "Control, ALT, DELETE." (15)

  1. I agree with you on the labels, I think about them a lot as a middle school teacher. I love having discussions with my students about the labels they try to avoid. However I think sometimes people spend ,ore time avoiding labels more than desiring and working towards labels like, genuine, friend, Christian, kind, smart, etc. like you said. I love your “delete button idea, I would delete politician commercials, snakes, and orange juice pulp.

    • You make an awesome point, Anna! I never thought about it like that before but you are SO right! I think people do tend to spend more time avoiding certain labels than working towards them. In fact, I think any label, good or bad, tends to give off a negative conotation unlike the positive ones like being a christian, smart, and kind do. Ditto on the politician commercials girl (I mean how annoying are they?!)

  2. I would rid the world of: hot dogs (and all other mystery meats), El Caminos (for some reason they give me the hives…is it a car or a truck? Come on, make up your mind), people with boogers hanging from their nose hairs, leftover stranger urine on the toilet seat, Celine Dion songs (and I’m Canadian. We love to hate her too. Oh, and by the way, we are so sorry for spawning Justin Bieber), migraines (especially those brought on by Celine or Justin Bieber), and baked beans (don’t like them and don’t like the farts that follow). Oh ya, and of course Cancer, HIV, war, and Vampire trilogies.

    • HAHAHAHAHA!! LOVE it!! Your list totally just blew mine out of the water (although confession: I secretly love hot dogs, especially one eaten at a ballgame and when it comes to those, I would mucho prefer to leave what they are made of a mystery lol). And don’t worry, I don’t blame you for the spawning of the Bieb’s but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be hurt if he decided to move back up to your neck of the woods 😉

  3. I would go with spiders, biebers, and gas prices. I have so far managed to avoid Bieber by not watching TV and back to school sales by not going back to school. But labels are dear to me, you just can’t write that many good jokes without them.

  4. I’d like to Control ALT DELETE a few people from my life.
    If I could rid the world of anything(s) it would be evil, selfishness, greed, lies & hate…

  5. I would like to delete corn products from “all natural foods” if I pick up a jar of applesauce that is all natural I think the only thing in there is apples…wrong…what an allergic reaction..ugh… lets make it advertising ads…in general most are not true…

    • Ugh that is the worst! Sorry to hear about your applesauce snaffu. and you’re right, most ads sadly have false claims and can be misleading (although you have to admit, those darn Hallmark commercials have me running for the Kleenex box every time. They’re soooo good! lol)

      • Never seem to catch those just the ones for restaurants that show great food entrees to get there and it is a fast food restaurant with fried everything if they are not out of it lol…as I am popping allergy pills to make hubby happy…

  6. Melanie said:

    I think many of my biggest ones are already listed here in these comments…both the serious and the funny. Other picks- school violence, “Mean girls” – I dealt/deal with them still and worry about my daughter dealing with them this year in 7th grade, and humidity. 🙂

    • Anything having to do with school violence/bullying is a definite on my list as well. School should be a place where every kid should feel comfortable and safe. Mean Girls was a great movie but the real thing…not at all! And my hair would LOVE to say goodbye to the humidity 😉

  7. I’ve NEVER seen a spider eating a mozzie, so I dont believe it!

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