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I’m So Mad

I’m so mad excited that it’s officially summer!

Today, June 20th  marks the Summer Solstice…aka the first day of summer!

Even though it seems like it has been summer down here since March in the very hot and oh so sticky and magnitudedly humid Georgia, there is something about it being the official day that gets me excited.

I know.

I am a dork.

You know what else gets me mad excited?

A little MadTv! I was on a mad YouTube binge last night and came across this little gem of a crazy and zany show. Do you all remember this? When I was in middle school, I got my very first, my very own, TV in my room. It. Was. The. Coolest! On Saturday nights, I would stay up til the wee hours of the morning, snuggled up in my bed (BECAUSE I HAD MY VERY OWN TV IN MY ROOM!!!!) with a glass of milk and a plate of oreos. First I’d get my laugh on watching SNL and then I’d fall alseep to the likes of one Stuart, Miss Swan, Bible Dude and the rest of the MadTV gang.

Although I was always prone to SNL (the best years in my opinion were when Sandler, Rock, Farley, Myers, Ferrel, Fallon, and Fey rocked the show. Now it’s sadly gone downhill. On skis. Fast.) but MadTV did have it’s crack-me-up moments.

Here are some of my favorite skits from the show 🙂

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

2. The Ellen Show

3. STUART!!!!

4. Miss Swan and the Dating Game

and finally the skit that has me literally in tears from laughter every time I watch it…

5. Jenny Jones (Uuhhhhh. Yeaah. Yyeeaahhhh.)

Yay for summer! But something I am not so mad excited about, that I’m just mad my poor ice cream. Did you know that Ben & Jerry now make soup? Apparently that is what you get when you mix 98 degrees (not the band although I am sure they had the power to melt many a heart back in the day) with getting stuck in traffic on the way home from the grocery store. Merp.

RIP Cookies and Cream. RIP.

Hope your official start to the summer is mad exciting 🙂

Question of the day: where you a MadTv fan?

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