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Friday Fav’s

Hey guys!

We made it! Another Friday is upon us and you know what that means…

…why it’s time for another knee-slapping, foot-stomping, jump-for-joy addition of my Friday Fav’s, of course 😉

I don’t any anything too terribly exciting planned for this weekend; my pup Thunder (I hope you enjoyed his guest post yesterday btw. The little turd thinks it’s funny whenever he hides his bone under the fridge and I guess the joke is on me because I fall for it every.time.) is a little sick so I probably will be spending a good deal of time taking care of him, the poor guy. The vet said he probably has just got a bad infection but with a little antibiotics and a lot of lovin’, he should be okay within a couple of days, thank goodness. Other than that, it’s supposed to be super nice tomorrow so a hike is definitely being penciled in and I also think a mad, mad marathon of my new favorite show Glee is in order! That, paired with some of my these babies, is total heaven in my book!

And on that sweet, sweet note, here are this week’s Fav’s from around the world wide web! Enjoy!

Favorite Sweet: Slutty Blondies. If loving promiscuous blondies is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Favorite ‘No Way, Hosea!’: Lake Retba, Senegal. A PINK lake – HA! Apparently the lake’s hue is due to some harmless bacteria in the water. It’s also got a higher salt content than the Dead Sea, which makes everyone FLOAT like a boat. So cool!

Favorite View: Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy. I want to go there. Like now. Like ‘I’m buying my airline tickets as we speak’ now!

Favorite Show: Glee! I know I am a little late to the class but holy guacamole, Sue Sylvester! This show is amazeballs! I may or may not want to start up my very own glee club. Okay. I totally do!

Favorite Pooch: Ggrrrr.

Favorite Kicking it Old School Moment: Scented markers. Middle school in a box. Was I the only kid who walked around with a red (cherry was my favorite!) and green and yellow and pink tipped nose from sniffing my homework?

Favorite Photo: If these walls could talk. There is something very creepy yet very majestic about this particular Kodak moment.

Favorite Snack: Chowza. One of my bestest friends created this heavenly mix of goodness which puts yo’ momma’s standard old puppy chow to shame (no offense to yo’ momma of course). Father’s Day is just around the corner which means that you should totally head on over to his website and order some for yourself. I mean your dad. Trust me, you, I mean your dad, will thank me! Oh just get some already!

Favorite Double Take: Life imitating art imitating life. Imitating art.

Favorite Bling: Dahnahnah nah nah nah nah nah…GO PACK GO! I have to get this!

Favorite Funny: The Beatles!! BAHAHAHAHA! Get it? It’s a beatle dressed as a beatle! BAHAHAHAHAHA. As you can see, I am easily amused.

I hope you all have a great rest of your Friday and an even better weekend friends! 🙂

Question of the day: What are your fun weekend plans?



Comments on: "Friday Fav’s" (10)

  1. Like all the pics!

  2. Melanie said:

    What a fun post! You hav a great sense of humor. I am going on vacation and was all excited to click the link for Chowza hoping for a recipe so we could take it in the car. Bummer…

    • Aw thanks Mel! I’m glad you liked it! Where are you heading for vacation? Please tell me it is somewhere beachy and beautiful! I want to live vicariously through you lol. And bummer on the Chowza! But when you get back, you should totally order some! But just a hint: you might want to go ahead and get like four bags (per person) because you will go through it faster than you can say Chowza! Have a blast girl! 🙂

      • We are going on a big family trip to Myrtle Beach. 12 of us total. I would prefer a quiet, less-commercial area instead (like Corolla, NC) but this is the year for the big family trip. We leave in 12 hours…so much to do!!

      • Cool beans! I have never been to Myrtle Beach before but have heard it is beautiful. Have you ever been to Asheville, NC? That too is a very neat place to go to, very artsy and unique. I hope you have an amazing time with your family 🙂

      • I dont think I have never been to Asheville. I have been to Cedar Mountain, Charlotte, Corolla, and Nagshead. We had major car problems on Friday on our way home and spent 4 hours at a garage in Maxton, NC – a place I don’t plan on going ever again!!

      • It’s beautiful and most definitely worth a trip sometime 🙂 Oh no hun! I am so sorry to hear about your car trouble!! I have been there and done that and it is not fun. I hope that didn’t spoil your trip though and that you were able to have a blast with you fam 🙂

  3. I love your Friday Fav’s – Especially on a Monday 😉
    Sue Sylvester cracks me up!

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