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Coveting Conundrum

Hey guys!

Happy hump day!

Question for ya…

If you had the opportunity to trade lives with anybody, anybody at all, would you? And if so, who would it be? What would be behind your desire to throw your shoes to the wind and step into someone else’s Jimmy Choo’s (or in my case, Asics)?

As I was driving home from Valdosta where I was to help ring in and celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday–you may be 21 baby sis, but you will always be my small fry–I was listening to Cocktails With Patrick on Cosmo Radio (shout out to one Patrick and Sean! You guys are all of the amazeballs!) and one of the topics that they were discussing was the idea of coveting.

*Sidenote…if you guys have access to Sirius XM radio, be sure to check this show out! It’s on from 3-6pm every week night on Cosmo Radio channel 109 and trust me, you will fall in love at first listen! Yes, it’s on Cosmo Radio but it’s not what you think. They talk about every imaginable topic (think everything from relationship issues and pop culture to ‘What Yo Beef Is?’ The show really get’s inside the male mind from, in my opinion, two of the greatest male minds in radio and will have you in fits of LOL’ing for three hours straight (talk about a great ab workout!).

**Second Sidenote: No I am not a paid spokesperson for Cosmo radio, just an uberly uber fan. But Cosmo, if you’re reading this, I am SO available for any and all positions. Just let a girl know, ‘aighht? 😉

But getting back to my point…

What was my point again?

Ahh yes, coveting.

These two lovely gentleman were talking about whether or not they coveted anybody else’s life; if they would cash in their tokens so to speak and start waking up in the mornings, going to bed in the evenings, and all the in betweens, as somebody completely different. Sean was debated pulling an Eddie Murphy and trading places with the little dude from Jerry McGuire. Thank you Jonathon Lipnicki! Because of you, I will never forget how much the human head weighs.

Patrick on the other hand decided that he would want to live the life of  lady he often sees everyday on the way to work. Not an A.Rod, not a Brad Pitt, not even a Bill Murray (and really, who wouldn’t want to be Sir William Murray?!), but a women whom you or I see everyday just doing a little grocery shopping. She isn’t famous, she may not necessarily be a runway model and she doesn’t have her own money tree farm growing in her back yard (but if you know anyone who does, can you let them know I have been looking to start my own garden for quite sometime now and would love me some tips–I am a horrible with anything having to do with plants). No, the person Patrick coveted was a person just like you or me.

This conversation made me wonder whether or not I coveted anyone? If I could swap lives with anyone, would I?

Would you?

At first glance, this question may seem very simple. I think a lot of people already would have a handful of peeps who they wish they could be, ready to fire off names at a moments notice. Personally, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind seeing what it was like to be on stage in front of thousands of adorning fans,  singing my heart out with voice of an Adele or a Carrie Underwood. I wouldn’t mind walking up to the podium at the Kodak Theater, poised and stunning in a GucciiPraddaMoniqueLhuillier gown, tears in my eyes as I look out to the crowd and get ready to accept my Oscar for Sophie’s Choice. I wouldn’t mind sliding into home after I just wacked my fourth home run of the game, proud to be a Milwaukee Brewer. Heck, I even wouldn’t mind living the dog’s life, trading spots (pun intended) with my pup Thunder, no worries or cares in the world except for maybe where I want to bury my bone next and whether I should sleep on the bed or the couch (yes, Thunder is not a fan of the floor, preferring a down comforter to the carpet any day! I swear he is part human.)

Yeah. It would be kind of great to see how another person (or in my case, animal) lives, to forgo all of your problems, your stresses and worries and instead  gain a different perspective, an exciting and carefree and glamorous life.

But like Stan lee once said, “With great power comes great responsibility“. We all like to think that if we were famous, if we had money or power, if we had four legs and a tail (okay, maybe not that last one), our lives would be easier, would be better. I bet it would be fun at times, for sure! But would we really be happier? Do the celebrities we look to and admire, sometimes even covet, are they happy? I am sure they have some of the same problems, same stresses, same worries that we all do, maybe even more so due to that high standards and pressures that they are held to. I am sure that the woman or  man who you see walking to work everyday who seems to have it all, is still trying to figure out this puzzle we call life, just like we are.

Would it be great to be married to Brad Pitt and have legs as long and beautiful as the mighty Mississippi River? You betcha it would. But would I trade in my life to be an Angelina? NO WAY!

I love my life. Sure, it has its ups and downs, its twists and turns. Some days I would give my left leg for an ounce of free time and I can’t remember the last time I took my private jet to Cabo (oh yeah, in my dreams last night). I have bills to pay and work to do. I get bad hair days and every once in a while a stubborn pimple decides to get all up in my business.

But you know what I also have?

An amazing family.

The bestest friends a girl could ever ask for.

An amazing faith, a positive attitude, a sense of humor not even Seinfeld could knock (which reminds me, maybe I should quit my day job…or not), a love of adventure and books and food and sports and traveling and music and movies and…well…life!

So would I swap lives with someone else?

Nope. Nadda. Negativo.

I am pretty darn happy the way I am.

Although that money tree garden still doesn’t sound too half bad 😉

Have a great rest of your Wednesday y’all!

Question of the day: Would you trade lives with somebody else? Who would it be and why?



Comments on: "Coveting Conundrum" (6)

  1. My husband – to see our lives from his point of view.
    BTW – I’m hooked on Elvis radio. Not easy for me to turn the station -LOL

  2. Haha on the husband idea! I honestly don’t know who I envy that much to give up the life I have. To play with Gavin DeGraw’s lyrics a little…..the grass isn’t always greener and someone else’s sugar isn’t always sweeter….

    • LOVE that song Melanie! And the message behind it!! Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener, the sugar sweeter. If we stopped to enjoy our own lives instead of wishing we had someone elses, we would find that gosh darn it all to pieces, we have it pretty darn good 🙂

  3. This is such a great post! I love the husband idea, too – but only for a day or two, Freaky Friday style. 🙂 Otherwise I am very content with being myself for all the reasons you mentioned. I wouldn’t trade my family and friends for anything. I also believe we are given the life we have for a reason and it’s our job to make the most of it, even when the going gets tough and we think that said grass is greener “over there.” Why not focus instead on making our grass as healthy as it can be? Ok, maybe I’m overdoing it on the metaphor…haha. But moral of the story is, I love being “me” and if I can help others feel the same way about themselves, that makes me happy!

    • Thanks Jenn! And yes, Freaky Friday style is the only way I would hop-step-and-jump into someone else’s life, for a day or two. I like how you said that we are all given the life we were meant to live for a reason; I really believe that as well. we each have our own unique qualities, personalities, quarks and talents to bring to the table that no one else does which, if you think about it, is pretty darn cool! We should spend our time making our ‘grass’ the best that it can be! And I couldn’t agree more with you; I love being ‘me’ and helping others realize how amazing their ‘me’ is as well! Amen to that that, sister! 🙂

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