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Friday Fav’s

Hey guys!


Guess what?


Holy guacamole did this week fly by. Like, seriously. Faster than a speeding bullet, Superman fast, fly by! I’ve got a great weekend planned which may or may not include some serious mini-golfin’ (or as I like to call it, putt-puttin’), Brewer game watchin’, little sis’ birthday present shoppin’, ice cream eatin’, and sleepin’ in action.

Oh how I LOVE me some weekends!

Before I get ahead of myself though, I wanted to make sure to share with you all some of my Friday Fav’s from around the web and more. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

Favorite Photo: Morning sunrise in Viddal, Norway. In a bubble. WOW!

Favorite Useless but totes most amazing invention ever: Bread Gloves. WTFocaccia?!

Favorite Life Lesson: Everything you need to know about life, you can and will learn from Boy Meets World. FEENY!!!!

Favorite Wake Up: Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast. Oh my! What a tasty way to start a weekend, no?

Favorite Ironic Sign: WHAT WHAT?!

Favorite Funky Find: Modge Podge Bug!!! How unbelievably adorable is this?!

Favorite AWWWW: Tired Allen. I feel ya, buddy.

Favorite Bring out the Grill Recipe: Chicken and Pineapple kabob packets. Nomnomnom.

Favorite Place: Wisconsin. Home, sweet sweet, home 🙂

Favorite Feel-Good: Air Woman Returns Home. Doesn’t this just make your heart melt?!

Favorite Funny: Sorry but I legit LOL’d for 10 minutes when I saw this.

Favorite Woah: Italian Moon. Breathtaking.  Simply breathtaking.

No matter what you’ve got planned, I hope you all have a WOAH of a weekend! 🙂


Comments on: "Friday Fav’s" (9)

  1. thanks for collecting these lovely images

  2. Happy Friday 🙂
    Bread gloves???? LOL
    I want me some of that french toast!
    Love the bug!
    Nice scene of WI!

  3. Just wondering if you got the “What what” reference:

    Incredible, no?

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