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I don’t know about you, but I have always had a hard time saying goodbye.

Whether it was waving farewell to my mom in the mornings before I boarded the big yellow school bus before school, bear-hugging it out with my bestest friends before we all left for college, looking at my Thunder’s sad eyes through the window as I drive off to work everyday or even bidding adieu to a favorite TV show that would not be returning the following year (RIP Seinfeld…We will always have our DVD dates), saying goodbye sucks!

It’s one thing to say adios to someone or something who you know you will see soon, but when it comes to saying goodbye to someone or something that you know you won’t, it’s oh so hard.

I like to think that they’re not so much ‘Goodbyes’ as they are ‘See you later’s’, hinting to a non-escapeable moment in the future that you will once again be reunited with that someone or something, no matter how much time or distance eludes you.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!

If you think of it in that way, it’s not so dire, so sad, so permanent.

To make saying goodbye a little easier, I have come up with a fun list of new alternatives to use when parting ways. Some of these I am sure you have all heard before, but some are brand-spanking new. Cheesy? Yes. Corny? Absolutely! But totally amazing? You bet your snake-skin boots they are! Trust me, after hearing some of these diddy’s, you will never want to say a simple ‘Bye’ or ‘See ya’ ever again!

1. See ya later, alligator!

2. In a while, crocodile.

3. In an hour, sunflower!

4. Maybe two, kangaroo!

5. Gotta go, buffalo.

6. Adios, hippos.

7. Chow chow, brown cow.

8. See you soon, you big baboon.

9. Adieu, cockatoo!

10. Better swish, jellyfish!

11. Chop chop, lollipop!

12. Gotta run, skeleton.

13. Bye-bye, butterfly.

14. Better shake, rattlesnake.

Nice, right? Don’t tell me you won’t be wishing your roommate a, “See you soon, you big baboon” tomorrow morning. 😉

Now don’t get me wrong, some things I don’t even have to bat an eyelash at when it comes to saying goodbye to; jelly shoes (Youch those things hurt!), colored Heinz ketchup (good idea in theory but it kinda sorta weirded me out when I looked at my hog dog and the bluish hue made it look like it had an expiration date ending in B.C.) and of course, one miss ED (She didn’t even deserve a goodbye, more like a swift kick in the bum all the way to Timbuctoo!) to name just a few.

When you do get those rare things that are easy to say goodbye to, it’s such a rush, a weight lifted off of your shoulders, a break in the clouds if you will. It is a chance for you to move on to bigger and better things, to try something new, to break out of your comfort zone and see what else is out there.

Severing ties from someone or something can be hard, but sometimes, it has to be done, whether it feels good at the moment or not (I thought saying goodbye to my job as a marketing assistant was the worst thing in the world at the time, but if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be in the process of finally going after what I truly wanted which was to go back and get my Master’s in Library Science). Those difficult decisions are what help us grow, change, learn and move forward, becoming better people in the process.

Maybe the take away in all of this is that a ‘Goodbye’ or even a ‘See you later’ doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Maybe, that ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you later’ is just a different door opening which will lead you to a ‘Hello’ and a big ‘ol ‘Howdy!’

I hate to say goodbye guys, but I’ve gotta run. I hope you have a fantabulous rest of your Tuesday!

This blog post now ends, so tootles, my dear, dear friends 🙂


Comments on: "It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just A ‘See You Later…Alligator’" (3)

  1. I prefer to stay away from GBs. I personally prefer – Peace out peeps! (I say this everyday when I leave work), Hasta pronto (See you soon), nos vemos (We’ll be seeing each other) & Later gator.
    Love the post & the video too! 🙂

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