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Strike One

Hey guys!

How’s your Monday going? Super good, I hope 😉

Last night as I was watching a little ESPN, catching up on all of my baseball stats and highlights from the day–speaking of which, my Brewers KILLED the Twinsies in an all out whoop-ass of a game 16-4–I stumbled upon this little gem.

For once it wasn’t the players on the field that were making silly errors, a missed catch here or a bad throw there.

Oh no.

Which was the last American League Team to win ITS first Home World Series Game?

It was the AT&T Trivia Team.

Rethink Possible? I’d say the folks over at AT&T  might have to start ‘rethinking’ whoever writes their media announcements.

Oy vey.

Now, I am not always perfect when it comes to the written way. I do sometimes make grammar and spelling mistakes, for sure. But there is just something about using the wrong “there/they’re/their” or the misuse of a little colon or comma that drives me crazy (and for me, that is not a very far trip lol). I have to admit, a piece of me died a little bit when I saw this. The grammer nerd in me was kicking and screaming and throwing a complete and utter temper tantrum. There may have been a lot of stomping, a good deal of jumping up and down, and the occasional crossing-of-the-arms-‘HMMPPHHing’ action going on. You know how when the Hulk gets angry, he turns into a not so jolly green giant? Well, whenever I see or come into contact with a major grammar “oops”, I regress to my former 2-year old self. It’s not pretty. Especially because I don’t quite fit into my Oshkosh B’ Gosh overalls like I used to 😉

My big ‘ol bookish brain was exploding.

The writer in me was bamboozled with anxiety.

My tutoring instincts wept incoherently.

I wish I was exaggerating when I say that this sorta kinda made  my wonky heart flutter with WTFness.

I mean…this is the major leagues people, literally speaking of course.

The least you could have done was run your message through the old spell check.

Good thing for you, I am a very forgiving person. This is just your first strike AT&T. But please try to not drop the ball next time. Deal shlameal?

Questions of the day: What grammar “oops” drive you crazy? Are you as much of a stickler for spelling and grammar that I am?


Comments on: "Strike One" (8)

  1. Since I have to proof read each and every ad that my hubby places and he seems to think that my middle name is “Webster”, I totally understand.

  2. I’d give that one a pass.

  3. No no no no no. Here are the ULTIMATE spelling mistakes: One day I was watching Jeopardy and Alex was reading the categories and came to one called “Desserts.” However, he pronounced it “deserts” and the questions were about deserts. So whoever wrote that category added an extra S, and it wasn’t detected by ANYONE. Then! Several weeks later I was watching Jeopardy again and I can’t remember the full category name, but it had the word “their” in it, but spelled it “thIEr!” WHAT THE HELL? MY DOG CAN WRITE THAT WORD CORRECTLY AND SHE ONLY HAS A (puppy) KINDERGARTEN EDUCATION!

    Shame on you, Jeopardy. Shame.

    • Hahaha!!!!! Oh my gosh, that IS terrible. I mean, that is all of the terrible! I always thought Jeopardy was so pretentious and full of itself (probs because I NEVER could get a question (or is it answer?) right. Who asks a question with an answer anyway? Lol. Haley could totally have done 100X better than that. Shame on you Jeopardy. Shame on you.

  4. it annoy me so much when ppl typ lik dis witout any puntuation capitol lettrs or basicaly any gramar wat so evr

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