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Happy hump day friends!

I hope everbody’s Wednesday is going great so far! I just got home from 6 hours of baking like a mad person at Panera. A major perk of the job…two words for you: Quality Control. It is crutial that you make sure everything going out to the customers tastes good, after all 🙂

Another perk? Coming home smelling like butter and sugar, depsite making my dog look at me like he wants to eat me. But who could really blame him. I smell so yummy, I could eat me.

After a long day of muffin making, bread basting and souffle sifting, the last thing you would think I would want to do is come home and bake some more right?


In fact, I seem to have caught something. Not the cold or the flu, but the best kind of ‘something’…the baking bug.

I cannot get enough of it lately which is why when one of my co-workers gave me a recipe for No-bake cookies on Sunday night, I just had to do a little QC of my own. A lot of you probably have had no-bake cookies and have seen them a million times before, but these ones are different. I promise. And they are soooo darn easy to make! The only thing that is missing in chocolate. I know. I was a bit skeptical too and called miss Abigail a traitor for skimping out on the most important ingredient.

I took a bite and died. The BEST no-bake cookies I have ever had (Although I must confess, I think the next time I might have to stick in just a few a bunch of white chocolate chips). I really don’t know how I went 25 years without these little gems.

Don’t worry though. I made up for the lack of them in my life for downing more cookies than I care to admit.

I was actually too lazy to type up the recipe for y’all but here is a pic of the Pink Panter magic slip of goodness 🙂

Sometimes I wonder why it has become so easy for me to tell you EVERYTHING….I have no shame in opening up on This, That and the Other Thang because I have learned that 99% of you know EXACTLY what I am feeling and hopefully I help at least one person know they are NOT alone:)

My blog tends to be on the silly side, focusing on the goofy and all-around randomness of life and what goes on inside this wacky brain of mine, but every now and then I throw in things that actually mean something, things that you can take away and learn from, or at least think about.

I recently got to a point in my recovery from my nasty, evil roommate ED where it became okay for me to start running again. I’m not logging miles upon miles every day and it’s not as far as I had been sneakering it before, but I’m beginning to see that that’s okay. That four month period of taking it easy and not working out, tough as it was, was actually a good thing. It helped get my body stronger, gave it time to repair itself and it also did wonders for my dome piece; I’m learning to celebrate the wonders of the human body. I think I often took it for granted, stretching it to lengths even I was surprised it was able to bounce back from, if it was even lucky enough to do that. I’m leaning to think of exercise as something to do to stay healthy, not to burn off that second bowl of Ben & Jerry’s.

That being said however, I still struggle a bit whenever I don’t get in a good run. What can I say. I’ve got running in my genes. My mom always teases me and says that I was born sporting the tiniest pair of Nikes she ever saw. With the lack of running, my self-esteem starts to suffer a little bit. My positivity about myself starts to fade a little bit; clearly I am addicted to those endorphins. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment, it is something that I can do that makes me feel special, it helps me to feel alive and like I am the

So without it, I start feeling like I am not as ‘good’ of a person as I am when I am ran those many miles every day that I used to. I know it sounds ridiculous saying it out loud (or typing it) but I am just being honest. And maybe I will get to that point in my life when I am healthy enough to do that once again, but even so, I want to be able to feel great about myself regardless. Nor do I want you to feel this way about yourselves. Not at all.

My main point is that we can’t base our self-worth on things like Running, Exercise, Appearance, a New Outfit, grades or our Job. Sure those things make us feel good about ourselves but we can’t let them define us.

What happens if we get injured and can’t run or workout? How will we feel about ourselves when we get attacked with acne (yes, I am referring to myself right now)? Do we think we aren’t a good person when we don’t have enough mula for a cute new outfit/make-up/getting our hair did or if our muffin tops are a little bit more fluffy than they were last year at this time? What if our boss tells us to re-do a project we have worked on for months or we get a C on a test……..are we then worthless?

I have no idea if this makes any sense. I am not trying to lecture but more talk myself through figuring out where to truly base my self worth from. Basically, I am forcing you to follow my journey of growing up:)

I just want to say that how much we are worth does not depend on superficial things like how far we can run, ugly scrunched face photos, a silly number on a scale or what grade we get because all of that can CHANGE overnight and we have no way to prevent it.

What we can base our self-WORTH on:

1-How we treat others and our relationships with them, how we try to make OTHER’S lives BETTER than they were before they met us.

2-Faith. No matter what religion you are I think that believing in a Higher-Being and knowing that HE loves us unconditionally helps us to realize how much we are WORTH (okay, crying onto my keyboard as I type this during my lunch break…..I have issues).

3-Our Integrity and making good decisions that go along with our values and morals.

4-Accomplishments……if you can’t do what you ‘normally’ do to feel accomplishment than find something new that helps you feel like you are ridiculously awesome.

5-Deep down we know how awesome we are…….try to find that and spend time each day finding that inner peace.

So what do you say?

Smile. Have a cookie. You are awesome!

Questions of the day:

1. Do you ever find yourself basing your self-WORTH on things that are superficial (our weight, looks, what the media tells us we should be or how many miles we can run etc)?

2. Anything to add to my list of where to find true self-worth? Help a sister out:)



Comments on: "Eat a Cookie and Smile. You’re Awesome!" (4)

  1. I too struggle immensely with this. I love running for what it is and how it makes me feel, but I know that I also push my body too far sometimes and don’t give it proper fuel or rest. It’s hard for me to sleep at night unless I’ve gotten my run or gym time in. I’m so proud of you for taking those 4-months off. I know how hard that must have been for you.
    You really are an inspiration to me and I am slowly trying to become more in tune with my body. My biggest fear is growing older and facing hardship or disability, not being able to do all thefun things I want to do because I’ve irreversibly damaged my body. I would be devastated. I recently learned I have osteopenia and I’m trying so hard to use that as fuel to put a stop to ED once and for all. I don’t want to have osteoperosis when I’m 35 or 40.
    I just want to say I appreciate your honesty and oppeness with your recovery and struggles. And I’m so proud of you !

    Jenn L

    • I am SO with you on that hun. it’s kind of ironic; running should be a healthy and fun thing to do but in all reality, ED turned it tnto something that was not so healthy and it turned out to be not so fun. Thank you Jenn for all of your support and love! To be honest, those four months sucked. They sucked balls lol. I didn’t realize how much I had equated my running with my happiness, my self-worth. It still is hard. I don’t want to give ED any hoped of coming back so I am very strict on not overdoing anything, but fighting the temptation to do that sometimes makes me want to throw something, preferably something that would make an epic KABOOM-SIS-BOOM-BAH noise upon crashing haha. However, most of the time, I find that it is sooooo much better not to have to put myself through that. To work out when I want, doing what I want to do, because my body can, not because ED thinks it should. It’s crazy what that ‘thing’ did (and in some ways still does) to us girl, what we let it do. I am so so sorry to hear about your osteopenia but I know that if you start now, you can get stronger, you can! It’s a very scary thought, growing older and not being able to enjoy the things you do, all because of ‘her’. Right now is the time. we can do it. Together. We might be the craziest and looniest old ladies on the block, but we will be the healthiest and the happiest 🙂

      I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much lady and want you to know how much you inspire me and how proud of you I am. I am always here for you, always always! ♥

  2. P.s. I just might have to try that cookie recipe 🙂

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