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Friday Fav’s

Happy Friday friends!

I’ve got a big weekend planned, full of food, fun and shenanigans. My mom is coming up to visit and I am oh so excited!! We’re planning on doing a little shopping, a little cinema-hopping (Is anyone else geeking out about the new Avengers movie?! Action-packed, superheros running around in tight superhero uniforms and the Chris’s–Hemsworth AND Evans–I mean! I am telling you, I think I would purposefully get kidnapped by an evil alien genius just to get rescued by one of those cutie-pa-tuties!), and of course a little margarita sipping and taco eating–it is Cinco de mayo after all 🙂

Before I get the party started, I wanted to be sure to share some of my favorite finds from around the web this week with y’all.

1. Favorite flashback: Cassette i-phone cover. Good golly, I can’t even tell you how many cassette tapes I have in boxes at my parent’s house. I used to dub like a pro!

2. Favorite place: Elan Valley, Wales. Which is the sky and which is the water?

3. Favorite OMG-have-to-make-now dessert: Chocolate chip cookie dough cake. There is just something about cookie dough studded icing stuffed between two layers of cake, then frosted and stuck with even more cookies on the side that really does it for me.

4. Favorite time waster: Food On My Dog Blog. Now that is impressive. I don’t even think I could have that kind of self-restraint, especially when ice cream is in question.

5. Favorite reading nook: This is a lot what I imagine my heaven to be like.

6. Favorite funky find: Book-ified rug. A perfect accent to go in my little reading nook 😉

7. Favorite transformation: Pizza monkey bread. I was introduced to the amazingness that is monkey bread just a few weeks ago by my friend Arlyne–I know! How did I go 24 years without this perfect mix of cinnamon, sugar, butter, dough and nuts in my life?! Now that I am fully on the monkey bread bandwagon, this savory version sounds delicious and a definite make in my kitchen!

8. Favorite Nuh-uh: Tetris Building. I know. I am a nerd. But HOW COOL IS THIS!!

9. Favorite song to ugly cry to: This Year’s Love by David Gray. Definitely a Kleenex tune. SO good!

10. Favorite ‘cutest thing ever’: A young man took his soon-to-be girlfriend’s iPhone, changed the contact name and placed it back next to her. He called. She Answered.” How adorbale is that?!?! High five and a fist bump for that, buddy!

11. Favorite literary quote: Winnie the Pooh. Pooh may have been rumbly and tumbly but he sure was wise. Maybe it was all that honey he ate 😉

12. Favorite Pooch: PUP-lo Picaso. A master pooper, I mean painter.

13. Favorite punishment: When I have kids…

14.Favorite ‘Slap yo momma good’: Cake batter ice cream cupcakes. I. Die.

15. Favorite funny: Gosh I hate when that happens!I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend guys!

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  1. wow! awesome photographs. i liked most dog painter photo. thanks for sharing lovely photographs.

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