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Happy hump day y’all!

I am sure you’ve all heard the expression “You can never have too many friends” which I believe is oh so true. Even though I have probably the best group of pal’s a gal like me could even dream of having, I still am always open and on the lookout for a new buddy, a new partner in crime, a new Words With Friends opponent.

Speaking of WWF’s (Warning: There may or may not be a bit of boasting to come), I, Wendi Hansen, recently achieved a PR in the nerdy wordy game…I scored a 94 point word!!! Yes, I know, I know. I was pretty excited too, although your standing ovation is not necessary. Welcomed, but not necessary. You see, not moments after obtaining this coveted feat, I got my bum handed to me by one miss Mallory Wassberg. I am telling you, it was ugly. She absolutely KILLS at this game!

Yes, I am a firm believer in never having too many friends which is why, upon seeing the following amazeballs peeps, I knew I just had to add them to my potential new BFF list.

Here are 31 people I wish I knew in real life.

1. Whoever managed to get this giant bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

…so I can have THE biggest bowl of hearts, stars and horse shoes, clovers and blue moons. Pots of golden rainbows and a red balloon.

2. Whoever this dog walker is.

…so I can ask how he got so dang cool.

3. Whoever takes advantage of a heat wave like this.

…so I can carpool with them.

4. Whoever’s grocery cart looks like this.

…so I can invite them over for dinner.

5. Whoever this skateboarding professor is.

…so I can get a degree in ‘Being Radical’.

6. Whoever planned this “Same Height Party”.

…so I can get my own pair of weird blue shoes.

7. Whoever fell asleep like this in class.

…so I can learn how to fall alseep anywhere.

8. Whoever this sports fan is.

…so I can have them there the next time I play ping-pong.

9. Whoever put this on the news.

…so I can thank them for covering stories that actually matter.

10.Whoever had to sit in that seat.

…so I can tell them I’ve been there man.

11.Whoever’s parents these are.

…so I can hear even more embarassing stories about them.

12. Whoever’s desktop this is.

…so I can find out more about there Shaqintosh computer.

13. Whoever is riding this scooter.

…so I too can learn how to ride in style.

14. Whoever let their grandma take this picture.

…so I can ask her if she can do my head shots.

15. Whoever had to film this.

…so I can ask them if they wish they worked for the WB instead.

16. Whoever pushed this pug down this slide.

…so I can ask them when the pug knew this was a big mistake.

17. Whoever’s wedding party this is.

…so I can ask them what it’s like to get married at the bottom of the sea.

18. Whoever snuck this into a game

and can do this…

…so I can take them everywhere I go.

19.  Whoever gave this person food.

…so I can teach them how to eat food.

20. Whoever threw this birthday party for their dog.

…so I can find out exactly what was in that cake.

21. Whoever owns this sweater.

…so I can ask to ‘borrow’ it sometime.

22.Whoever lives here.

…so I can ask them about their heated rivalry with the neighboring town, Hoagieville.

23. Whoever gave these out to trick-or-treaters.

…so I can shake their hand on a prank well done.

24. Whoever is giving these out.

…so I can, uh, nevermind.

25. Whoever loves Wendy’s this much.

…so I can get their opinion on Arby’s.

26. Whoever has this great of a name.

…so I can meet his parents and ask why on Earth they decided to name him that. I may or may not be considering an official name change.

27. Whoever can name a song this easily.

…so I can find out what that darn song is!

28. Whoever these basset hounds belong to.

…so I can thank them for making me smile!

29. Whoever is holding this fat cat.

…so I can ask them if it would be a good way to work out my biceps.

30. Whoever is bench pressing a goose.

…so I can ask them if that’s a better way to workout than with a fat cat.

And one more for good measure…

31. Nicholas Cage.


Have a great rest of your night guys!

And if you happen to see that guy with the giant bag of marshmellows, tell him to call me, will you 😉


Comments on: "31 People I Wish I Knew in Real Life" (2)

  1. Charlotte B. said:

    I want the number of the man with the giant bag of marshmellows too! haha

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