My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Pinterest. Whoever came up with such an uncanny and crazy and giant interactive web-based bulletin board….you. are. amazing. I am not ashamed to admit that I may have a slight obsession with this somewhat new social media phenomena.

In fact, it is possible that I have learned more about life in general by wasting spending time on Pinterest than by actually living the past 25 years of my existence.

Basically, this is another way for me to justify the time I spend on Pinterest as “work-related.” I’m not wasting time! I’m learning to be a better cook, a better decorator, a better DYIer and better hair up-do doer gosh darnit!

13 Things I’ve Learned From Pinterest 

1. Who knew there were soooo many ways to reuse mason jars. I mean…candle holders, light bulb holders and margarita holders. And don’t get me started on wood pallets. You can transform them into hutches, coffee tables and even stacking boxes of produce. Wait, no, that’s not right.

2. Basically, it’s one giant pictorial ‘I want’ list. Which reminds me, I soooo want this!

And I want to go here!

Oh, and I SO want to devour these!

3. Some people have really kick ass gardens.

4. Some people have really kick ass sitting rooms.

5. Not gonna lie. I am kinda jealous of those people with their kick ass gardens and their kick ass sitting rooms.

6. DIY is so “hip” right now. And not just DIY, but there is some serious McGyver shtuff going on here.

7. You can make goldfish crackers at home, and cupcakes can be made to look like pretty much any one of God’s creatures, except for Kate Moss. Although, she does look a bit mousey so I’m sure you could get creative and make a Moss Mouse Cupcake.

8. Don’t look at the site when you are hungry. Or self-loathing. Or when you have to pee because you might see something funny and pee your pants…

9. Speaking of peeing, I forgot how funny are.

10. I have never seen so many end tables, coffee tables, desks and armoires in my life.

11. TOMS and riding boots go with any outfit.

12. Apparently long wavy hair tied up in socks is, like, the thing to do.


You see why Pinterest is so very vitally necessary? Now if you excuse me, I have some pinning to do 😉

Have a great rest of your Sunday night guys!

Question of the day: What do you think of Pinterest? What pinteresting things have you learned?


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