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Friday Fav’s


Whoop whoop!

Well my friends, we made it yet to another weekend. Any fun plans? After a somewhat crazy week, I am looking forward to staying in tonight and watching a little lot of baseball. My Brewers are taking on the Colorado Rockies tonight and if they play anything like they did against the poor Dodgers, it will be a pretty gnarly three-game series. I apologize in advance to my neighbors for my random acts of happy-dancing, cheering-so-loud-the-walls-shake, jumping-on-the-couch-Tom-Cruise style antics. As for tomorrow, I think I might head on over to the Sweetwater 420 Music Festival in Atlanta. Every year Sweetwater Brewery puts on a weekend of brews, food, fun and of course, music. I’ve never been to it before but it sounds like a blast!

What’s a Friday without some favorites? From cookie dough egg rolls to kitten headbands, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week.

Favorite ARE YOU FOR REAL?! photo: I hope he is a very still sleeper.

Favorite Furry Besties: I hear cat headbands are, like, all the rage in Paris right now.

Favorite Karaoke-in-the-shower jam: The Wanted’s Glad You Came. Love these guys. The fact they are cute and have an even cuter British accent doesn’t hurt 😉

Favorite Funny: All you engaged peeps out there, you HAVE to do this on your wedding day!

Favorite getaway: If you ever see me lounging in a hammock hanging from a palm tree over the ocean, slap me. Then get me a pina colada.

Favorite thing…ever:White-chocolate and peanut butter rice krispie treats. I. Die.

Favorite Gotta have: Bookshelf necklace. A sure way to keep my books close to my heart 🙂

Favorite Fantasy: I’ve GOT to get to Africa someday!

Favorite No, it couldn’t be…: Cookie dough egg rolls! To heck with fortune cookies…these are the Holy deliciousness!

Favorite Flashback: Ahhh…remember the days of ‘Be Kind, Please Rewind’?

Favorite pup: Babe, have you seen my skinny jeans?

Favorite true words: Been there, done that girlfriend.

Favorite ‘If only’: Hahaha!

And on that note, both the very pretty Ryan Gosling and I wish you all a very splendid weekend!




Comments on: "Friday Fav’s" (2)

  1. Thanks for the link love!! That bed on a ledge thing is insane and terrifying to look at. And the kitty headband is the cutest thing ever. Fun post!

    • You are so welcome girl! Isn’t that bed ca-razy?! Talk about sleeping on the edge…literally lol. And that kitty headband it the cutest!! Thanks for stopping by hun and leaving a little love on my blog 🙂

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