My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


Hi guys.

I hope you are all having a great Thursday!

First of all, I wanted to thank all of my amazingly amazing friends and family for making my birthday super special. Your comments and well-wishes made turning 25 pretty darn spectacular. Another thing that made my day great? My momma came up from Warren Robins just for the day to help me celebrate…and surprised me with this…

I wasn’t excited at all. Not one bit 😉

I think I should just own stock in B&N.

After spending the first part of my day pulling my hair out and struggling not to throw something, preferably very big and that would make an epic CRASH BOOM BANG sound upon hitting the wall/ground–in my opinion the IRS should have their own island, an island far, far away–my mom and I did a little retail therapy (and by retail therapy, I mean staring wide-eyed and drooling into the windows of stores that I wish I could purchase items from but couldn’t because of said IRS).

I may not have ended my shopping excursion arms laddended with bag upon giant shopping bag, but I just had to make a pit stop at Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream. Upon entering this quaint little shop, I was hit with the overwhelming aroma of sweet, sweet chocolate. My mouth starting watering and I knew, I just knew that I was not leaving this little shop without one (or three) treats. A gal’s gotta have a birthday treat after all 🙂

After what seemed liked hours trying to decide what I wanted to get, I finally chose a white chocolate-covered rice krispie treat with sprinkles. It. Was. D-lish! I think from now on, I will only make rice krispie treats that are dunked, dunked, and redunked in a pool of creamy, smooth and oh so sweet coating!).

Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

I also got this little gem, a big ‘ol hunk of white-chocolate Oreo bark. Oh yes. I went there. Talk about a party in my mouth! I may or may not have a slight white-chocolate obsession 😉

And the good thing is that if you don’t have a Kilwins location near you, they ship nearly everywhere! Check their site out and just try not to start drooling!

After my mom and I put ourselves in a very successful sugar coma, we naturally decided it was time to eat. Again. We headed on over to my most favorite of all burger joints, Yeah! Burger for some din-din and got our burger on! well, I did anyway, My mom got had a hankering for a grilled cheese (and after seeing it arrive all ooey and gooey at our table, I kinda wished I had gotten it too. Next time I’ll just get that as my side instead of fries).

Omnomnomnomnom 🙂

On a very different note, last night a dear friend, mother, wife, daughter and overall great person was called to our heavenly home. I was fortunate enough to get to know Miss Yvonne Anderson through church, working side by side with her during many a summer, teaching the kiddos all about Christ in vacation bible school. She was always so full of spirit and life, a smile never ceasing to take claim across her face. After just finding out three weeks prior that she had a form of back leukemia, our Father decided that he needed another angel to watch over all of us. She was such an amazing woman, beautiful on the inside as well as out, and will be forever loved and missed. I was fortunate enough to know her and look forward to the day when I can reunite, possibly over a glass of lemonade and a plate of cookies, just like those great vacation Bible school days. My heart goes out to her family and friends, to those who were blessed to have known her.

Something like this really makes you put things into perspective. You never know what the next day, what the next hour will bring. Spending each day, each moment with an intent to make it the best day, the best moment is how I really think the big man upstairs intended for us to live. Pay attention and focus on the important things; friends, family, love, and kindness and not focus on the things that are not so important; money, anger, regret and hate. You never know what could happen. What will happen.

My birthday may have not come with a huge ranging party or a brand-spanking new car (however, for those of who reading this, I wouldn’t be opposed to a belated Cherry red 1960 Mustang convertible), but it was everything that I could have asked for. I spent it with my bestest friend in the world, my friends and family who, even though couldn’t be here to help me ring in the big 2-5, all surprised me with the most heart-felt and kind birthday wishes ever, and I ate my weight in chocolate. Sometimes it is the little things, a hug from my mom, a text from a friend, a sloppy kiss from my pup, and an exciting Brewer’s win that truly mean something, that take a regular day, or a birthday, and make it special.

To everyone who made that possible, a huge fist pump, high-five and THANK YOU! I love you all and am so very grateful to have such an amazing and wonderful group of people who I call friends, that I call family!

Remember to take the time to smile. To laugh. To let the ones you love know how much they mean to you. Don’t stress over the small things because it is often the small things that are gems in disguise.

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