My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


Does the monotony of everyday life ever make you feel a tad bit boring? Like you from time to time get stuck in a funky rut? I am only 24 (well, soon to be 25), but I swear I sometimes feel like I’m an 80-year-old lady, a quite hip 80-year-old lady, but an 80 year lady nonetheless. I used to be more spontaneous, but it seems as if that darn self-discipline that comes with being an adult has taken over. I once read that self-discipline is a limited resource. I just want to let everyone know that if their tank is running low, I’ve got more than enough to share! Since graduating from college I feel like, as an adult, I’m supposed to just work, pay bills, exercise, cook and eat [somewhat]healthy meals (if Bagel Bites and Frozen Eggos count, I am SO killing that point!), and save money during the week. It seems like ages ago when the most of my worries included cramming for my Bio exam, where to get the cheapest pizza and beer, and trying to decide what hijinks my pals and I were going to get into next . I think the thing I miss most about college is the feeling that the only thing I’m really supposed to be doing is have fun and make very silly mistakes and lifelong memories.

Anywhoo, today I got home after a long day of running errands, tutoring one of my students, balancing my checkbook (such a lovely job isn’t it?) and cleaning up my house and decided to pick up my picket sign and megaphone and protest being an adult. I skipped working out, put on my Strawberry Shortcake pj’s at 7PM, ate my weight in chocolate chip cookies (thank you Pillsbury peel and bake!!), avoided my to-do list with five episodes of House Hunters, and ate cereal for dinner.

And it was amazing.

Sometimes ya just want to feel like a college kid, minus the whole cramming for your Bio exam thang 😉

Question of the day: What do you do to get away from all the things you should be doing?




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