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Opening Day Countdown

Hey guys and gals! I hope you all are having a pretty darn amazing Sunday! As I sit nursing my first sunburn of the season (yay for uber white and freckly skin that turns lobster-esque by even mentioning the word ‘sun’!), I can’t help but think of getting uberly sunburned sitting on the bleachers this summer, eating dogs and sipping soda, cheering on these guys!

Speaking of which, here’s a little video to remind you all of what I am talking about!

Hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday! And sunscreen. Remember the sunscreen 😉


Comments on: "Opening Day Countdown" (2)

  1. you and me are nuts about baseball. Can you tell im soo into this blog. 🙂 You 1. Love baseball, 2. lvoe doggies like I do (I bet Thunder and Gunner would have blast together, plus they are both -er name doggies).,
    Also I read your roommate post. Hit me close to home. Maybe we can chat sometime via email, facebook or Gchat.

    • Awe thanks Raquel! You are too sweet and that really means so much! I love reading your blog as well and have a feeling we could be such great friends! It is such a shame that you live all the way in Cali but hey, I have always wanted to see San Fran (I love me some hills and Rice-A-Roni lol). But really, your kind comments most definitely put a smile on my face, as well as reading about your adventures! One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to in some way inspire or make others days a little brighter, to give hope and a inspiration. I would love to chat anytime girl, about anything! I hope you had a fantabulous Monday sweety! 🙂

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