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Friday Fav’s

Happy Friday friends!

As you all know, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Being about 1/4th Irish, I take this holiday very seriously. And by that I mean I take the opportunity to wear every green thing imaginable in my wardrobe, eat as many bowls of Lucky Charms that I can get my cereal-killing hands on and of course kiss as many Irish blokes as I can (well, maybe that last one I do only in my dreams but that still counts, right?). In honor of this festive holiday, I decided to dedicate a very special edition of my Friday Fav’s to all things Irish!

Favorite Party Animal: Someone’s ready to get down!

Favorite Inappropriate T-shirt: Poor Pat. The kids in school must have given him such heck.

Favorite Flick, Irish or Not: Grab yourself some ice cream, a box of tissues, and your best girlfriend/mom/sister/boyfriend/brother/wife/dog and watch this movie! You’ll be LUCKY you did 😉

Favorite Irish hunk: Hands down, my man Gerard Butler takes the cake! Ugh. He could kiss my Blarney Stone any day 🙂

Favorite Spot: I couldn’t pick just one. But can you blame me? Simply breath-taking.

Ross Castle in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland,7078/

Cliffs of Moher. County Clare, Ireland×1080-618/

On the streets of Killarney, Ireland

Favorite Midnight (or anytime)snack: Pretzels? Yum. White chocolate? DOUBLE YUM! Put them together and you’ve got heaven in your mouth!

Favorite Print: Making grammar look cool.

Favorite Pumped-Up Kicks: Look what I ran into!

Favorite Tradition: No one can say that the city of Chicago isn’t going ‘Green’.

Favorite DYI: So cute!

Favorite “Too pretty to eat. Almost.”:

Favorite Funny: Bad kitty!

Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity: Good thing I’m not afraid of heights!

Favorite Indulgence: Holy hum, Batman!

Favorite Words to Live By: May be all be this fortunate.

Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow guys and have a Luck ‘O the Irish Saturday!


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