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Happy Happy Birthday!!

Oreos are old. So old that their grandchildren might post funny videos of them on YouTube.

So old that people in the grocery store don’t judge them for using an electric scooter.

They’re so old, Willard Scott could read their name and wish them a happy birthday from Smuckers on the Today Show.

That’s right, Oreos are 100-years-old today. 100 years!!

No matter how you eat them (eat the center first, lick it and put it back together, dunk it in milk or some sort of combination of the cookie-eating traditions), there is no denying that they are DELICIOUS! In fact, me and the Oreo go way, way back. Not quite 100 years, but close.

When I was 5, I got in trouble for sneaking into the kitchen before dinner and cracking open my mom’s Cow-shaped cookie jar where I proceeded to twist open all of the Oreos, lick the creamy frosting centers inside, and place the discarded and somewhat naked cookie shells back into the jar. When my mom found the ‘stuffless’ cookies moments later, she came to me to ask what I had done, which I replied with a solemn and straight-faced, “Nothing.” Unfortunately, despite being straight-faced, I was also chocolate-faced, evidence of my crime literally written all over my face. And hands. And hair? Man I must have went to town on those bad boys! Not my finest moment for sure.

Growing up, I reveled in the times I got to spend at my grandma and grandpa’s house, not just because they’re pretty darn amazing, but because they had a secret stash of sweets that I not so secretly indulged in. One of my greatest memories was sitting next to my Grandma Hansen on her big blue recliner, each with a glass of cold milk and a plate of Oreos between us watching shows like Walker Texas Ranger and The X-Files. Speaking of Walker Texas Ranger, I wonder how Chuck Norris eats his Oreos? I bet he can just think of them and they appear, Jedi-mind twisting the tops off. Or better yet, he just gets Oreos with just the cream, no cookie. Ahh to be the amazing Chuck.

When I was 10, I played a pretty epic (if I do say so myself) April Fool’s Day prank on my fifth grade class by replacing all of the cream in Oreos with toothpaste. If only you could have seen the look on their faces when they bit into my Crest-ified cookies. Priceless.

Oreos were the ice breaker at the lunch table in elementary school, bartering items that served along the likes of Twinkies, Ding-Dongs and Ho-Ho’s. They got me through some of my toughest all-night cram sessions in college, have raised my daily Calcium and Vitamin D intakes fourfold and are still my favorite go-to snack-a-roo.

Today and always, Oreo, thank you for being so sweet! I look forward to another 100 years of chocolately, milk-mustachey goodness. If there is any reason to try to live over 124 years old, it would definitely be to eat as many Oreos as possible, right?

In honor of Oreo’s big 1-0-0, Nabisco rolled out a limited-time, special edition Birthday Cake flavored cookie. Why it is limited-time only blows my mind because these are probably THE BEST OREOS I have ever eaten…and I have eaten a LOT of Oreos. Right when I opened the bag, the smell of birthday cake permeated the air and made my nose smile. There were also fun confetti sprinkles swirled into the amazing vanilla frosting that added a special festive touch. I am not ashamed to say that I may or may not have killed my package of birthday cookies in a mere four days. I am not ashamed to also say that I went to Target today to get more.

Whether you are an Oreo purist or like more tricked out flavors the Birthday Cake cookie, do yourself a favor and pour yourself a cold glass of milk, grab a cookie (or five) and dunk, twist, lick or crunch like you’ve never dunked, twisted, licked, or crunched before. After all, the Oreo only turns 100 once!

I also want to make sure I throw a special shout-out to one of my bestest friends, Chris who also has a birthday today. Just like the Oreo, he is super super sweet, always has the ability to put a smile on my, as well as anyone he meets’ face, is loved by everyone and goes well with a cold glass of milk. He has such a big heart and is one of the greatest people I know.  I am so very lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life, even if he consistently kicks my bum at Words With Friends and makes fun of my preference for swimming British style. I love ya, kid and hope you had the most fantabulous of days!

Question of the day: How do you ‘Oreo’?


Comments on: "Happy Happy Birthday!!" (2)


    The strangest way I oreo’d was to twist it open, carve out a circle in the frosting and make a little pool of milk, then re-cap the oreo and BAM I had a pre-dunked oreo

    • ROAR right back ‘atcha mister!AHHHHH!!! 28 more days!! Ive been practicing my screaming/cheering skills, a vocal warm-up if you will for the big game lol. I have to build up my stamina otherwise this girl will not have a voice which I probs won’t either way but at least this gives me an excuse to freak my neighbors out. Hahaha I like your style! Total Oreo-eating genius if you think about it. I will def have to give your method a try 😉

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