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FAT Fun :0)

Hey guys…

…and a very happy FAT Tuesday to ya!

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Mardi Gras? I am not French, am not Catholic, and have never been to New Orleans, but I am a big fan of anything involving great food, great people, and great parties! As they say down in ‘The Big Easy’, “Laissez les bon temps rouller”(pardon my French)… or “Let the good times roll!”

Even though I didn’t attend any of these:

Everybody likes a good parade!

…Or chow down on any of these:

In between choking and gasping for air..."I found the baby Jesus!!!"

…Or give or receive any of these (the only flashing I have ever done and will probably ever do involves my Nikon):

Beads, anybody?

…I still celebrated this delicious holiday by whipping up some of these:

Yum. Enough said.

Crepes? Nutella? Bananas? Oh momma. And it is soooo easy to make. I cheated a bit and used store-bought ready-made crepes (you can of course make your own version of the thin pancake at home). I first reheated them in the microwave for a few seconds. Once they were soft and warm, I slathered those babies with my favorite hazelnutty and chocolately spread and loaded them up with bananas. Then, after a little rolling (and rocking–thank you AC/DC and Styxx for providing the outstanding soundtrack), they were all set to go. Happy Mardi Gras to me 🙂

As a side note, and completely off-topic, I have a problem. A big problem, HUGE, in fact.

I am going on a date tomorrow night, an actual honest-to-goodness fancy dinner date, a first date nonetheless, and have no idea what to wear! I really kinda sorta possibley like this guy and want to make a great first impression, well technically it will be a second impression. You see, I met this gentleman this past weekend when my sister, mom and I were out to lunch. He was our (very cute, nice and funny) waiter who kinda caught my eye. After a lot of casual conversation (I found out he is a big baseball fan, his aunt is from my home state of WI and he loves all things Adam Sandler), I decided to do something I never have done before, something I never had the moxy to do before…I left a note, written with finesse on a napkin I might add–very fancy, I know–, which included my phone number and the appropriately drawn winkey face, asking him to call me. I took a chance and didn’t really expect anything to happen after that, but to my huge surprise, I received a text from him thanking me for the note and wondering if I would like to go out to dinner with him not a few minutes after I had left, pleasantly stuffed by the way–Cheeseburger in Paradise is probably my new favorite restaurant, for more than one reason 😉

Needless to say I was SO excited. But I was to be honest, completely flabbergasted that my rookie attempt at flirting worked. After all, I am a bit rusty.

Okay, a lot rusty. But after much studying of all my favorite corny and sappy romantic comedies (thank you Jennifer Anniston and Katherine Heigel), and just getting out there and doing my thang, I think I’m getting better at this whole dating thing. This fella and I have been chatting every day since then and I am so excited about meeting him for dinner, one that he isn’t serving to me this time.


I’m so nervous!

And excited!

I’m excitevous!

I’ve got to say, it’s been a while since I’ve had that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling, that giddiness and absolute middle school crush feeling. I forgot how awesome that feeling is!

And this is where I need your help, guys and gals…if you have any ideas on what to wear, how to do my hair, make-up or no make-up (Oh who am I kidding? The only make-up this chica knows is my trusty Lipsmacker Lip gloss, Skittles flavored!), etc. We are planning on going to a purty fancy italian joint downtown which probably means my Brewers sweatshirt and Nike’s are out of the question, right?

But you know what, I think I am actually looking forward to getting all glammed up. Oh my goodness, I am acting like such a girl!

Any help, any at all would be muchly appreciated!

And on that note, I think I am going to…

…promise you won’t laugh…

…paint my nails. Yes, I, Wendi Hansen, is painting her nails. And a lovely shade of passion pink, no less. Oh my stars…what have I become?!

Have a FANTABULOUS FAT Tuesday guys!


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