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Thoughts on a Thursday


Dirt makes for THE best dessert.

I give up. On nail polish, that is. A mere three minutes after applying and already chip-O-mania.

I totally caught a guy picking his nose today. I was stopped at a red light and looked over to find the owner of one white Toyota Prius mining for gold. He tried pulling the “I’m not picking, I’m scratching” bit on me but I knew. You bet your nostrils I knew.

Speaking of picking your shnoz…do any of you remember reading this classic? When I was little, this was the best form of birth, err, picking control that I could have ever had. A sabber-toothed snail who snacks on fingers? No way, Hosea!

There are only 17 days until the Brewers spring training season starts…but who’s counting?

I am celebrating by watching Field of Dreams…for the fourth time this week. I guess I kind of like it. And I may or may not have a slight crush on Kevin Kostner. And James Earl Jones–what can I say? That voice. Oh that voice.

I was contacted by a publisher who wants to actually really truly honest-to-goodly publish my book!!!! Cue Sally Field “They like me! They really like me!” I can’t tell you how amazing and exciting this all is. Butterflies in the stomach? More like freakin’ pterodactyls! But the uber awesome and friendly ones like in Land Before Time, not Jurassic Park. Details to come 🙂

Today I found three quarters with their heads up. Does that mean that I get 75X as much good luck?

Today is Friday-Eve.

Which means tomorrow is Friday.

T-G- 🙂




Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (2)

  1. Jenn Lewis said:

    That’s so amazing about your book! I can’t wait to read it 😉
    Happy Friday dear friend!

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