My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Ahhh…What’s Up Doc?


Or rather, “Hhheeelllllooooo” as Jerry Seinfeld likes to say (He totally made the right choice by the way! The voice is amazing!)

I hope everyone’s Thursday is going fantabulous! It’s Friday-Eve already! Man this week went by faster than Willie Coyote!

Let’s talk about carrots, shall we.

Yes, I said carrots.

They are probably one of my all-time favorite veggies (and I think this guy will agree with me on that).

I can grow through bags and bags of those little mini carrots a week, sometimes in a day. Speaking of those baby carrots, does anyone know how they get to be that little? They’re so cute! Are they grown to be that size or are they just the misfits, the Charlie Brown trees of the vegetable family? Either way, I love ’em! Not only are they tasty, but they are pretty darn good for you, full of vitamin C and B12, carrotine (ha, get it? CARROTine? Yeah, that was pretty lame) and fill-you up fiber.

I have always loved this orange veggie, but not for the best of reasons. You see, the simple carrot is a food that is relatively low in calories yet it fills me up, making me think that my stomach is pleasantly full and happy. There was a time when all I would eat for lunch (I know, I can’t believe it now either!) were these said carrots. My wicked roommate ED told me that as long as I was eating something, it didn’t matter what it was. And don’t even think about dressing them up in lip-smacking good peanut butter or ranch. That was a big No-No in her book.

But carrots were just the start. There was also a time when I found myself buying and eating those cardboard-like contraptions called rice cakes. Now, no offense to anyone out there who enjoys these flavorless crackers; I am sure they can be quite lovely, but I can’t stand them. Did that stop me from eating hordes and hordes of them though? Nadda. ED thought they were amazing! They basically were air in the form of a cake. I could eat as many as I wanted because they didn’t have any of the F word (fat) and very little of the C word (calories). These were miracle foods in her eyes, “health” foods. From now on, she dictated that I only allow myself the aforementioned and sometimes crazy and outlandish “health” foods. For a good long while, along with some other of ED’s chosen flavorless and funless foods (i.e. plain chicken, salads,  and carrots’ cousin, the celery stick), I shoved my face, pretending that I was actually enjoying what I was eating….

…that is, until I finally realized WTFudge am I eating?!

I’m so over just eating “health” foods. Don’t get me wrong, I still love eating good-for-you foods and I will never give up my baby carrots, but there are times when I want a hamburger, gosh darn it! I want that Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey!

Please let me reiterate that I’m not writing this to offend anyone who actually genuinely enjoys the foods that I’ve been hating on,  I’m just trying to save those of you who hate these foods but feel compelled to eat them anyway (aka, me). If anything, this post is just a means of self-reflection and coming to terms with why I have chosen to eat these kinds of foods in the past. I’ve wasted so much money on specific foods, not because I want to eat them, but rather, because I feel like they’re healthy and I should be. And that’s not A-Okay in my book!

Right now I’m trying to normalize eating and, as I’ve said before – everything is fair game. There are so many wonderful foods out there that I want to rediscover, and I don’t want to limit myself to the “healthiest foods” that I dread eating. You only live once, folks.

Let’s look at it this way: Would you vacuum your house if you didn’t have to? Okay, my mom actually probably would, but she’s a rare case. Bad example. Would you get your teeth pulled if you didn’t have to? I don’t think so. And definitely NOT my wisdom teeth. Yowzas that was a bad, bad experience. I didn’t just have chipmunk cheeks, I had Honey I Blew Up the Kids Chipmunk Cheeks. Those suckers were huge! And boy did they hurt like a son of a gun!

To me, that’s the same concept as eating something that you don’t want to (bearing in mind you don’t have any dietary intolerances, obviously).

But really, why do anything that you don’t want to if you don’t have to?

Working out is another great example. Okay, I know “you need to work out to keep your heart healthy, yada yada yada”. That’s fine, I agree. But you don’t need to run marathons, lift heavy weights, or even do yoga if that’s not what you’re in to. If you like these things, do it, if you don’t, don’t.

I love running but it wasn’t always for the best of reasons. Now, I am just relearning to enjoy exercise, not for how many C words it is burning, but just the way just moving makes me feel. I love the great rush of endorphins and the accomplishment I get after having finished a swim or jog or benching 50 lbs. (No lie! I did that today! i couldn’t even lift the bar before! I’m getting guns and I am not afraid to use them!  That’s me. I wake up in the morning and I feel like moving, most of the time that is. Whether it be walking my dog, going for a swim or just dancing around in my skivies– they’re all one in the same and fulfill what “exercise” is supposed to be intended for: strengthening your body and mind.

Friends, nothing in life should feel like a chore if it doesn’t have to be. Eating, working out, etc. These are all things that are supposed to be enjoyable. Don’t take the fun out of it for yourselves.

I’ve become obsessed with the concept of living each and every moment in life to it’s fullest. Probably because I’ve lived so many moments focused on deprivation and self-imposed obligations. Life’s just not worth living if you make the most of each minute of your day. Of course, at times that’s going to mean doing things you don’t want to do. Waking up in the morning to go to work when all you want to do is sleep in, shovel the drive way, pay the bills. Naturally, we don’t want to do these things, but we have to. We don’t have to eat unsalted brown rice cakes for a snack. Unless that’s what you’re in to. Personally, I’m more in to cake of the vanilla and buttercream variety.





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