My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

CURRENTLY I am rocking my spiffy new pair of Milwaukee Brewers socks (of which I have a total of five–after all, a gal can never have too many Brewer socks, right?). I guess you could say they are “Crew” cut. I know, I know, that was lame although like Brewer socks, one can never have too many puns. Just FYI: There are only 41 short days until the Brew Crew reports to spring training!! Not that I am counting or anything 😉

My CURRENT jams are anything and everything 90’s (thank you mucho Pandora for the inspiration and amazeballs suggestions). That crazy person singing into her hairbrush and dancing around her room like a madwoman, yeah, that would be me. But one can’t help but get up and bust a move when you’re listening to the likes of TLC, The Beasty Boys, Nirvana, The Fugees, Dr. Dree, Hanson and of course a little Savage Garden. That reminds me, does anyone know where I can find a ‘chic  a cherry cola’?

I CURRENTLY have a hankering for one of these delicious diddies. It’s my challenge-O-the week! I haven’t had one of these guys in a long, long time but tonight’s the night! Bring that burger on!

Good thing I have plans to go to Yeah! Burger tonight!

My dog is CURRENTLY snoring so loud, I thought for a moment it was thundering outside. Which is kind of ironic, seeing as his name in, in all actuality, Thunder. Coincidence? I think not.

The lights in my room are CURRENTLY blinking on and off. Either my light bulbs are on the fritz or Casper the friendly ghost stopped by to say hi. “When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Although, if my ghost happens to be a cutie-patutie like this guy, I think I can let it slide.

I am CURRENTLY working on the second to last chapter of my very first book and couldn’t be more excited!!!

However, I have also been sitting in the same spot while working on the second to last chapter of my book for over four hours now and as such, CURRENTLY have the tinglies in my feet ( I guess my dog AND my feet decided to take a long nap this afternoon). Isn’t that the weirdest feeling when your feet fall asleep? I wonder what causes that?

Because this is going to drive me insane if I don’t find out, I am now CURRENTLY Googling ‘what causes the tingles when your feet fall asleep’?

Just an FYI: According to Discovery Health, you feel this familiar sensation after you’ve been putting pressure on part of you­r body — sitting on a foot, sleeping on an arm, etc. When you apply this pressure for a prolonged period of time, you actually cut off communication from your brain to parts of your body. The pressure squeezes nerve pathways so that the nerves can’t transmit electrochemical impulses properly. Nerve impulses carry sensation information from nerve endings in the body to the brain, as well as instructions from the brain to the parts of the body. When you interfere with this transfer by squeezing the nerve pathways, you don’t have full feeling in that body part, and your brain has trouble telling the body part what to do.

This pressure can also squeeze arteries, stopping them from carrying nutrients to body cells. Without these nutrients, the nerve cells may behave abnormally, which can further interfere with communicating bodily sensations.

Due to both these factors, the information transmitted from the body part becomes somewhat jumbled, and the brain receives strange messages. Some nerve cells don’t transmit any information and others start sending impulses erratically. This causes you to feel a strange tingling sensation, which actually serves an important function. Your foot falling asleep for 10 minutes doesn’t pose any health threat, but if you were to cut off circulation for an extended period of time — several hours — you could suffer serious nerve damage. The initial tingling sensation tells you that you might want to readjust your position.

Once you do move your foot, stretch your legs, or roll over off your arm, the nerve impulses begin to flow properly again. You don’t regain feeling right away, however. There is a certain amount of re-adjustment time before the nerves transmit impulses correctly again. This increases the intensity of the tingling, causing the familiar “pins and needles” sensation.

And there you have it. If you ever are on Jeopardy and are asked the $10,000 question, you can look straight at Alex Trebec’s cocky grin and blast him with this impressive answer in confidence. You’re welcome.

I CURRENTLY want to go watch Jeopardy now. Well, maybe not that actual show. I’m more of a Wheel of Fortune gal when it comes to playing–does anyone else feel stupid when trying to play along with that show? I mean who comes up with those darn questions? It’s probably a conspiracy and I bet Alex Trebec and Chuck Norris are behind it all. However, I do love me some of this kind of Jeopardy.

Have a great Tuesday night guys!


Comments on: "CURRENTS are Just Raisins, Aren’t They?" (4)

  1. Jenn Lewis said:

    Just checking in to see how the burger challenge went?
    And I want you to know that you have inspired me and encouraged me. Thank you !

    • Hey lady J!

      It’s sooo good to hear from you! And thank you so much for checking in! The burger challenge went amazing! I got a case of the ‘second thoughts’ when I first got there and to be honest had a moment when I was about to chicken out, but I just reminded myself how much I was looking forward to eating that yummy burger, how much I deserved to let myself enjoy something like that and how great I would feel if I did. And you know what, I did! I owned that burger, french fries and everything!!! It was a little step, just a small victory, but I am pretty darn proud of myself. And man was it good! It is sad to think of all the times ED has prevented me from enjoying the simple things in life like eating a simple hamburger. Each time I face ED head on and win, I gain a little bit of my life back. Slowly but surely, I am going to get there. And man oh man I can’t wait until I do! And you can too girly! we can do it together! I love you Jen and want you to know you inspire and encourage me everyday! Stay strong and beautiful sweety 🙂

  2. Jenn Lewis said:

    Oh, and I LOVE snl jeopardy! Well… SNL in general and all things Will Farrell.

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