My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Thoughts on a Thursday

  • I have THE best friends and family in the world. You guys rock my socks off and I am soooo very grateful to have you all in my life. Deeply and truly. THE best!

  • Too cool for even more school? Not this chica! I just got my acceptance letter to the University of Milwaukee’s Graduate School!!!! Come September, I will a bonified UWM Panther getting ma mastas! I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!!


  • I had my first tator tot in over two years (cue Napoleon Dynamite). I can’t believe the absolute yumminess I had been missing! It’s safe to say, I am once again one with the tot. Next up on the dockit…the french fry.

  • Awkward face-reddening-like-a-bright-tomato moment of the day: Asking the customer service rep at the mall if they could please tell me where the S&M store was. Yup. I said S&M. The poor guy looked at me like I had three heads or something. “Um. Do you mean H&M?” he asked, holding back a flood of belly laughs. “Yeah, that would be the one.” Isn’t that horrible?! But that’s not even the worst part. This was the second time I had confused the two completely and utterly different shops. Oh goodness.

  • Is it me or does this truck have a big badunkadunk. A badunkadunky truck. Try saying that 5 times fast 😉

  • The bug guy payed yet another visit to my ant-infested house today. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when he walked up the front steps and didn’t resemble a member of this crew…

  • They’re baaaccckkk! I sure hearts me some hearts 🙂

  • I’ve decided. I want one of these.

  • To do a lot of this.

  • Under lots of this.

  • Drinking lots of this.

  • I am so sorry I have to say tootles but I have a lot of this to watch!

Have a great night everybody!


Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (4)

  1. Jenn Lewis said:

    Can i join you in your hammock? Or maybe you should just set up two side by side for all the visitors you will surely have with that sunshine and lemonade 🙂
    I will admit, i kind of “laughed out loud” when I read that you asked where S&M was 😉 I love H&M.
    Congratulations on your grad school acceptance! You are doing education right?
    If for some reason i don’t call you tomorrow then call me please! But I will, so don’t worry your pretty little socks off.

    • Hahaha you betcha, girl! I think that sounds like an amazing idea! I’ll bring the lemonade 🙂
      Oh goodness…sometimes I don’t know what my mind is thinking. I swear it has multiple brain farts…S&M haha. And thanks doll! I amso excited to start school in the fall!! I am actually going for Library Science and Information. I know, a book worm like me wanting to work in a library? Crazy, right?! Haha. But it is something I have always always wanted to do and this is the year I am going after what I want! Life is way too short to be stuck doing something you hate. Can’t wait to chat with ya lady! Hope you’re having a tremendous Friday 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ve been meaning to write to you for the last couple of days, but my week has been super hectic. First of all, I just want to say: you are awesome, Wendi!! To write some of the stuff you did this past week took some real guts. And the way you presented it all was so beautifully written. (You should definitely become a writer!) Anywho. I just want to wish you good luck on your new mission to get rid of ED. I can’t imagine how hard the journey has been for you, but if anyone has a great attitude about it, it’s you! Oh, and congrats on getting into grad school, that is so great! Keep being awesome 🙂

    • Hey miss Mallory! You don’t know how much your comment brightened my day! Thank you so very much for all of your kind words of support and encouragement. You are pretty much the! And you are so right; it has been a very hard journey, one that has made me stronger in some ways but also more frail. It’s high time that I say goodbye to that bit of frailness holding me back. I AM going to kick this thing in the bum, once and for all and I couldn’t do it without all of the tremendous outpouring of love and support I have been given. So thank you again girl! And who knows…maybe one day I’ll be able to inspire and help others out there going through the same thing with my words in some way, maybe even cross ‘write and publish a book’ off the ‘ol bucket list lol. Love ya oodles girl! 🙂

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