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Birthday Bash

Today is a very special day.

Not only is it National Cookie Day (which I fully intend to celebrate to the fullest with one (or five) giant white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that are currently baking up to perfection in my oven just for this very occasion…and, well, just because they are the most delicious things ever), but more importantly, it is a very special person’s birthday.


She is one of my heros.

She is my best friend.

She is my confidant and cheerleader and solver of all problems.

She can make one heck of a mean chili, can fashion anything out of a doily and some duct tape (Martha Stewart has nothing on this lady’s craftiness) and has one of the kindest and biggest hearts of anyone that I know.

She is my mom.

Happy birthday momma D!

I love you to Mars and back! 🙂



Comments on: "Birthday Bash" (2)

  1. Happy birthday, Wendi’s mom! She must be a good egg if she raised you!

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