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Friday Funnies

Hey guys!

T. G. I. Friday! (and I’m not talking about the restaurant here, although, now that you mention it, I could go for some of their tasty quesadillas…mmm mmm good!)

It’s crazy to think that the first week of November is already behind us. Before you know it, we will all be stretchy-pantsed up, stuffing (pun intended) ourselves with turkey, mashed tators, and pumpkin pie, giving thanks (for our amazing and loving friends and family, good health and most importantly, that Wal-Mart was open late so that we could go and get the whipped cream that someone was supposed to pick up but forgot…because what is pumpkin pie without the cream, am I right folks?) and watching  our favorite team throw around a little pigskin. Ahh Thanksgiving. Then, it’s just a mere hop-skip and jump until the real fun begins, with Christmas and New Years just around the corner. I absotively posatutely LOVE this time of year!!! And to make it even more special, it will be the first time in forever and a day that my whole family will be together to celebrate which to me is better than any present I could ever receive under the tree (even if that means having an all-out smack down with the cousins to decide who will be the ‘Santa Clause’ and distribute the gifts to everyone Christmas morning. AaronTylerNickAlexandmylovelysisterLindsay…you’re so going down!). Are you as excited as I am?!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, I want to send you off on a great weekend with a few of my new Friday Funnies. Kick back, relax, pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk, extra chocolate and have a laugh. It’s FRIDAY!

Ahhh...that explains it.


It's not bad enough that I can't get into my pickle jar, but this too?!


"Mr. President, after I destroy Washington D.C... I will destroy another major city every hour on the hour. That is, unless, of course, you pay me... One kajillion dollars..."

The face of innocence...

Somehow I don't think this is what they meant...

Now this is my kind of rationalization :)Mr. Ed never looked so good

Up 🙂


Ahhh...Nothing like a little wind in my hair, err, ears...

 Have a great weekend everyone!


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