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Hi guys!

Long time, no chat. I am so sorry for the delay in posts, but this past week or so has been CA-RAZY! Crazy good, crazy busy, crazy exciting and full of crazy changes.

I’ve got so much to catch you up on but let’s start with my amazing girls’ weekend trip to Chicago this past weekend. Every year, my mom, aunt Debby, cousin Rachel and myself all get together for a girls only weekend. In the past, I haven’t been able to make it on too many trips due to school and work, but this year I was all in! Unfortunately however, my cuz Rachel couldn’t join us this year, but it was for a really exciting reason…she is going to be a mommy very soon and wasn’t able to fly so close to her due date. We all missed ya Rach but are all oh so happy and over the moon for you! You can bet next year will be even better, especially because it will include a plus-one to our gal group, another girl (or boy–I guess we can make an exception to the No-Boys Allowed rule just this once).

In the past, these gal-only getaways have taken place all over the country–from New Orleans to Savannah and Nashville. This year we decided to move it up north a bit. I, as well as my aunt and mom, have always wanted to see the windy city so we all decided to hop on board a train and choo-choo ourselves down to Chi-town…and boy am I glad we did!

Everything that I had thought about Chicago was right. It was such a beautiful city; the architecture of the cascading buildings, the many luscious parks and flowers that were scattered across the streets and walkways, the melting pot of cultures, and let’s not forget, the so-good-you’ll-leave-with-a-Buddha-belly food that the city has to offer. I fell in love, I really did. If it wasn’t so gosh darn windy all of the time (I guess they call it the windy city for a reason), AND the Brewers decided to pack their baseball bags and move to Chicago AND if I could afford the astronomical costs of living ($2,800 a month for a simple studio apartment was just a tad out of my price range), I would relocate in a heart beat. It wasn’t so hustle-bustle that New York seemed to be, yet it had a certain sense of wistful energy and positive movement about it that was contagious. All of the people were so nice and welcoming and there always seemed to be something new and exciting just waiting for you around the corner.


I couldn't get over the amazing architecture and city-scape of Chicago. Absolutely breath-taking!


The lights of the city become almost angelic at night. This was the view from our hotel room. Gorgeous!


I can see why Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world!


We were only in Chicago for two days but we made the most of those 48 hours, cramming in a bum load of activities, sight-seeing, picture-taking, walking and of course, eating. Because Chicago has so many wonderful things to see and do, we didn’t get to them all, but that just makes for a great excuse to make a return trip in the near future. Some of the things we did get to do on our trip included…

1. Making a trip down Michigan Ave (aka the Magnificent Mile) for some serious [window] shopping.

2. Walking around the beautiful Millenium Park (and checking out ‘The Bean’–how cool is this sculpture by Anish Kapoor?!)

3. Hitting up the board-walk on the Navy Pier…

4. …and taking a ride on the famous Ferris Wheel (Going 150 ft up in an open-aired metal basket on one of the most windy days in Chicago’s history…maybe not the best of ideas but it was a blast!)


My aunt Debbie and I...almost to the top!

My mom putting on a brave face (even though she was scared out of her gourd--and I don't blame was sooo windy!)


I made it to the tippy top...


...and boy what a view!


5. Riding up the elevator in the 1,451 ft. (that’s an impressive 108 stories) Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to literally be on top of the world.


Wowsas! You can see four states from the top of the Sears Tower...Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin!

I'm literally standing over the city of Chicago. How cool is that?!

6. Making a quick pit stop by Wrigley Field, home of the Cubbies.

7. And of course, eating our fill of Chicago-style pizza. Our first night in town, we ate at a cute hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Lou Malnati’s, famous for their deep-dish pizza. BEST italian food I have ever eaten in. my. life. It was sooooo good, that on our second night, instead of trying one of the other 5,000 restaurants the city has to offer its hungry patrons, we decided to head on back to Lou’s. Yes, it was that good! And, great news for all of you out there who don’t happen to live in Chicago but still want to have a taste of the city…they ship their award-winning and mouth-watering pies all over the country! Score!

Deep-dish D-elish!

If you have never been to Chicago, I strongly urge you to take a trip. It’s a city chock full of character, excitement and beauty and one that should be seen and experienced by everyone at least once. I had an amazing time, not only because I was in such a fascinating and awesome local and got to see and do so many things that I had never done before, but more importantly, because I was doing those things with two pretty amazing people in my life, my mom and my aunt. Life can get pretty hectic sometimes and it’s hard to find the time to connect with the ones you love, to relax and enjoy each other’s company, to laugh and make long-lasting memories. It is so important that when you get those chances, to really take a hold of them and make them count. Whether that be taking a road trip with your friends and family, throwing the baseball around in the backyard, or eating your weight in ooey-gooey cheesy pizza, soak up those rare moments and treasure them.

Well, those were my basic nuts in a thought shell on my recent trip to Chi-town. It was soooooo much fun and am so glad I got the opportunity to experience everything that I did. I’ve got to run and get ready for the Brewer game coming up in just a bit (hopefully it goes better than last night’s sad performance—eesh), but I promise to be back with the rest of my exciting breaking news that has transpired over the last few days. I promise you, it is something you don’t want to miss (I’m talking DVR material here, something you’ll want to watch, err, read, over and over again–that is, if you could DVR an internet blog post).

In the words of Tony the Tiger, have a GGGrrrrreeaaaatttt rest of your hump day!



Comments on: "Blown Away in the Windy City" (2)

  1. Wow, that photo of you standing over the city, with your feet so far above the pavement, gave me the shiver, lol! I get such bad vertigo 😛 That’s so awesome that you got such a fantastic tri[p with the girls! You sell Chicago very well, lol! 😉 It seems like an amazing city, and your photos of the architecture are beautiful…what a cityscape! ❤ xyx

    • Wasn’t it cool beans?! I loved Chicago and would go there again in a heart beat. You must try and make it there someday (if not for the beautiful architecture and the plethora of things to do, than for the yummiest of all pizzas lol). Hope you’re doing well sweety and are having a great Monday! 🙂

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