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ZZ Top, Cops, and Major Flops

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend and an even better day today. I can’t believe it is already September 12! Half of this month is already gone (where it went, I don’t know but I have an inkling there is a good chance it’s  hiding out with that one sock that seemed to ‘escape’ from the dryer earlier this morning–where do they go? And why is it only just the one sock and not both? I mean really. Conspiracy theory anyone?).

It may be September 12th, but it sure didn’t feel like it here today. It was a balmy 87 degrees out! The sun was shining, there was hardly a cloud in the sky and it was B-E-A-utiful! Since it will probably be the last time it’ll feel like summer for a long, long time (at least here in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin), I took complete and utter advantage of it. I got up extra early this morning and got in some serious chlorine action. There is definitely no better way to start a day off right than with a swim and some poolside lounging 🙂

After I was all sunned out, I quickly headed home and got ready for the rest of my day. I showered, got dressed and ate so fast even Jumping Jack Flash would have been impressed. Why the rush, you ask? Well I was off to yet another job interview for an Administrative Assistant position with a big-time law firm here in Milwaukee. Not necessarily my dream job but it is something to get me going again and back on my feet again (I’m still waiting to hear back from my dream job at the advertising and marketing agency–fingers crossed). After all these interviews and job applications, I really think I should just become a professional job hunter; I’ve definitely got experience up the wahzoo and skills to boot.

After giving myself a mini-professional make-over, I got into my car and hit the road, and started to make my way to my interview. Now anyone who is from this area, near, in, and/or around Milwaukee will know that the whole city seems to bathed in a blanket of construction. It is literally everywhere. From fixing potholes to paving new highways and underpasses, you can’t escape it. This was the case for me today as I got stuck for over an hour, sitting in my hot, hot, unair-conditioned bug, as I slowly inched my way down I-43. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal; I can handle a little traffic. Afterall, I lived in Atlanta for three years (you want to talk traffic, take a trip south to the peach state). However, I was on my way to a potentially great interview and was now running late. More over, I was running late and had also turned into a big, sweaty mess. Perfect.

Since there was nothing I could do, I settled back into my (very sticky and hot) seat, rolled my windows down, opened up my sunroof, and tried to relax as much as I could. To get me into interview butt-kicking mode, I pulled out my i-pod and started jamming. There is just something about music that can liven your spirit, get you pumped up and  totally change your mood. At least that what it does for me. There is also something about a good song that makes me want to whip out my hair brush and pull a Britney or Beyonce, belting it out from the bottom of my little lungs.

For this reason, I try not to listen to my i-pod in public places of any kind. I do this mainly our of respect for my fellow patrons. You see, when a song comes pulsing through my headphones, I can’t help but sing. Out loud. And not very good, mind you. You know that annoying tone-deaf person on the plane or sitting next to you on the bus? That person who is trying ever so hard to resonate their inner Eminem or Rihanna? Yeah…that would be me (my sincerest apologies).

Earlier today as I sat in my car, the breeze whipping my hair back and forth (thank you Willow Smith), I forgot about the rule of public musicintoxication and let it all out. I was singing, I was seat-dancing, I was even doing a little (okay, a lot) head bopping. In that moment, I didn’t really have a care in the world. That was until I looked over my right shoulder and saw two police officers staring back at me, laughing, smiling, and clapping. Oh yes, I said clapping. My car had come, yet again, to a complete stop on the highway and ZZ Top had just starting rocking out “Gimme All Your Lovin'” through my ear buds (I only wish I could be as cool as these guys!).

Ladies and gentlemen...ZZ Top!

Just as I got to the big crescendo of the song, I realized that I had an audience. A cop car that was also stopped on the highway just inches away from me apparently got a kick out of my rendition of the tune and decided to show their appreciation with a round of applause.  At this point, my face could not have gotten any redder. I wanted to literally crawl into that huge pothole on the side of the road and disappear. I was mortified. More over, I was worried that they were going to arrest me for ‘murdering’ a classic rock song (I can’t go to jail! I have so much to live for! Plus, orange is so not my color). Thankfully, traffic started moving and we parted ways at the next intersection. Even though I was embarrassed as all get-out (I bet I made for an interesting story to tell back at the police station), I just had to laugh.  After all, it’s not everyday that you are given a standing, well, seated, ovation by two of our finest men in blue.

Oh goodness…

Question of the day: What is one song (or songs) that you just can’t help but sing out loud to?



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