My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Heavens to Betsy and an apple pie…

I think I have to stop eating peanut M&M’s right before I go to bed. That, and watching the Discovery Channel.

I have been having some ca-razy dreams as of late. Or I guess I should say, more crazy than normal.

Case in point: Last night’s foray into the human body via The Magic School Bus. Yup. Ms. Frizzle and I, along with weirdly enough, my whole fifth grade class, most of whom I haven’t talked to or seen in ages, as well as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (I guess she has extended her charity work and good deeds beyond just third-world countries) ventured off on a wild anatomical adventure.

Please let this be a normal field trip. With the Friz, no way!

As a little girl, I LOVED me some Magic School Bus. In addition to having a quite stellar  (if I do say so myself) collection of Magic School Bus books adorning my bedroom floor and bookshelf, there was the accompanying amazeballs TV show. I remember racing home from school, tearing off my backpack, throwing it in the corner of the living room (homework could wait until after the ‘Friz!), making myself cinnamon-sugar toast and turning on PBS to catch the latest adventures of Ms. Frizzle, Liz the classroom pet lizard, and the rest of the gang.

If you were sadly neglected the absolute greatness that was The Magic School Bus growing up as a kid, I’ll give you just a brief synopsis of how cool this really was. In every episode or story, Ms. Frizzle took her class on these fantastical field trips aboard her ‘magic school bus’, going where no man (or classroom in this case) has gone before; impossible locations such as the solar system, the past, the depths of the ocean, even shrinking down to the size of human cells and venturing into the human body. The stories were not only exciting and fun, but they actually were educational too(those tricky writers and producers), teaching kids about science, math, geography and the world around us through these adventures.

It’s been a few years since I have sat on my living room floor, mouth covered in cinnamon-sugary residue–okay, maybe it was just a few days ago but can you blame me? Cinnamon sugar toast is the bomb-diggety!– but it has been a few years since I was throwing my backpack across the room, anticipation in my toes just waiting to see what crazy adventures the ‘Friz’ was up to. I still have all of my Magic School Bus books stashed in the basement of my parents house and probably a few VCR tapes of the show (oh how I miss the days of ‘Be Kind, Please Rewind’), but to be quite honest, I haven’t thought of The Magic School Bus for quite some time. So why in the great state of Texas was I having dreams about it last night?

I have always been interested in dream analysis; encoding the thoughts and actions our subconscience does when we are asleep. Having a background in Psychology, this subject often came up during my undergraduate studies and lessons, and I found it to be absolutely fascinating. The mind truly is an extraordinary and complex thing; it harbours not only our thoughts, memories and actions which we are conscious about, but it also houses what we may not be so conscious about; fears, anxieties, hopes, goals and obstacles that we may have faced or will be facing. The thing about dreams is that each are very unique; no other person can share your exact emotions, your experiences or your background. In essence, each dream can only be connected to that particular person’s reality.  Now, whether I believe in ‘dream forecasting’ or dream analysis has yet to be determined, but it is fun to try to figure out why we dream what we dream, the meanings behind it, and how it contributes to our everyday lives.

Okay, so maybe this brain is not as complex as most. Mmmm...donuts 🙂

Wowsas! I don’t know about you, but the power of the mind is blowing my mind.

As for my dream, I decided to do a little dream interpretation, just out of curiosity. I went to a couple of dream deciphering websites and although I didn’t find the exact meaning behind my trip with the Magic School Bus, I did find some interesting connections. For instance, according to, an online dream analysis website, here are some of the possible reasonings behind what my dream might have meant:

Magic: To dream about magic, or seeing someone perform magic implies that your ventures will bring you great prosperity.

Sweet! I could use a little prosperity 🙂

School Bus: To dream of riding a school bus represents an upcoming expedition that will have a significant influence on your life.

 Adventure is my middle name!

Just like with horoscopes or fortune-teller or psychic readings, I take these interpretations with a grain of salt (after all, only the big guy upstairs knows what is going to happen for sure) , but it’s kind of fun to try to decipher the maybe’s and could-have’s. I’m still not sure exactly why I went on an epic adventure through the human body (speaking of which, whomever’s body it belonged to had impeccably clean teeth and was really healthy-no doubt he would have been given ten stickers by the Dr. at his next check-up) with the ‘Friz’, my fifth grade class, and Branjelina, but I do know it was a great way to spend 8 hours. If you’ve ever surfed platelets on the gnarly waves of the human blood stream or took a wild rollercoaster ride down the esophagus, you’ll know what I mean 😉

Sweet dreams, guys!

Question of the day: What was the craziest dream that you have had?



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