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So…I think I’ve caught a slight case of wedding fever. This
past year seemed to be the year of weddings for me, well, not for me exactly,
but for quite a few of my friends, family members and those who I sorta-kinda
wish were my friends and/or family members (i.e. a couple you may or may not
know as Prince William and Duchess Kate who happened to have just a small
wedding this past April, or, our american equivalent to the royal couple, Kim Kardashian and
baller Kris Humphries–I will address their small shindig that took place over
the past weekend in a bit).

Yes, wedding fever has struck. I think I attended and/or was invited to more weddings this past year alone than I have my whole life combined, making for a lot of chicken dances and buttercream! One of the side effects of wedding fever? Wedding drool. Yes, it is an actual medical condition, one which I had a hard time controlling last night. Not only did I start salivating profusely over this lovely fondant and frosting masterpiece when I went to the bakery last night to treat myself to a cupcake…

but I also found myself being sucked into a mad marathon of TLC’s
show ‘Say Yes To the Dress’, also drooling, but this time it was over this…

and this…

and this…

Wowsas! I really don’t know what’s come over me. I usually am not such a
girly girl when it comes to these kinds of things. I promise. There is just something about weddings that enters the core of every girl’s heart, I guess. The love that this long-lasting tradition represents, the forever and always, the feeling of comfort and excitement in knowing you get to spend the rest of your life walking side by side with your best friend, your partner in crime. Call me a hopeless romantic, but in a time where sadly marriage seems like a comical idea, something that is easily replaceable and taken for granted, I still want to believe in true love, in growing old together, in the happy ending.

As a young girl, I would prance around my room and down the hallway, wearing my mom’s pearls and high heels, pretending to marry my prince charming (who usually was Mr. Gruffles, my favorite teddy bear, although sometimes, Squiggles the Tiger got his shot and I have to say, Squiggles looks quite fine in a tux constructed out of construction paper and Duct tape). Even though that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then, I still find it fun to think of what I would want for my big day; the cake, the venue, the decorations, and of course…the dress. I have been to many a wedding and have seen many a wedding portrayed in movies and television and each are unique and special, each are snapshots in time that celebrate the beautiful union of two people.

Of course there are the over-the-top, crazy extravaganza, fairy tale type weddings that almost seem surreal; from the guest lists to the decorations, the flowers to the cake, everything is done with a bit of pizzazz and a whole lot of “Wow!” Case in point, the recent wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Do you know that it cost over $10 million buckaroos?! That is craziness! The invitations alone set them back a cool $10,000 not to mention the $6,000 cake, the three dresses Kim wore throughout the evening costing each $20,000 and the $2 million dollar rock that currently resides on her left hand. Whoofta! No need to worry though (I know a lot of you were having heart palpitations on how they were going to pay for all of this): Kim reportedly had most of the wedding donated to her, AND she got a multi-million dollar photo and television deal to boot. I understand she is a celebrity (for what and why exactly, again?) but even so, this seems a bit much. But to each her own, I guess.

There are also weddings that are very creative (do you know you can get married underwater, in space, and on a rollercoaster?), destination weddings, traditional weddings that take place in a gorgeous church or chapel and who could forget the ever popular and elusive Vegas weddings (thank ya, thank ya very much)?

Personally, I have pictured myself having all sorts of types of weddings; some that are pretty out there and some that are more traditional (Although in order for me to actually do any of this, I guess I have to find a groom, huh? I’m now accepting offers and applications if anyone’s interested FYI). One of my favorites involved getting pitched, I mean hitched, at Miller Park. Yes, I know what you all are thinking right now and no, I am not crazy (completely any way). Just picture it:  My dad walking me down the infield from the pitcher’s mound to home plate where my groom would be standing, looking dapper in a suit and jersey. I of course would be adorning a simple dress of blue and gold, tennis shoes on my feet and a veiled baseball cap upon my head. The Pastor, dressed in an umpire’s uniform, would perform the ceremony. The reception would of course include a scrimmage game, dogs and beer, and a giant ice cream sundae bar. At the end of the evening, I would toss my ‘glove bouquet’ over my shoulder, spreading the luck of the next marriage to one of my bridesmaids. What do you think?

Okay, maybe I was overexagerating on some of those ideas but I still think having a baseball wedding would be one heck of a home run 🙂

In all honesty, I am as low-key as they come. Although it is fun to think of the over the top and the glamour of it all, what is most important is not where the wedding is, the dress I wear, the food that is served or the party favours that are given; what is important is who I am walking down the aisle towards, the celebration of love and sanctity, and that my friends and family are there to help celebrate with me.

And of course the cake. The cake is very important 😉

Hope you are all having a very great hump day friends!

Question of the day: Crazy theme weddings: Yay or nay?


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  1. You bring up some points, I’ve often brought up myself.

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